New Family Members

This week, we welcomed two new lovely babies to our home. They travelled all the way from Ireland from where Auntie K. lives! On the left is Vivienne, and on the right is Gina. Gina came here in her Christmas dress, and Vivienne came in some overalls, but she wanted a dress to wear, too. … Read more

What’s Going On?

Joy: Hey, Cora, could you help me please? I can’t reach the pizza box on the top shelf. Joy: It was really weird, Michael. I’ve never seen Cora be so rude before! Michael: Huh, me neither. I wonder what’s up with her today? Mercedes: Hi Cora. Are you going to do some baking today? Mercedes: … Read more

A Romper for Baby Sasha

We are all super happy here today, because our air conditioning has finally been fixed! With the heat outside at close to 30 degrees celsius every day, we have been roasting. Mommy is very excited, too, because she can start knitting again this week. While she loves crocheting, she also wants to be able to … Read more

A Library Without Books

Before we tell you about Gypsy Kat’s library adventure, Mommy wanted us to let you know that if you have a Bibichou doll like Taffy here, the Sasha Baby/Toddler cardigan pattern will fit your dolly if you knit it with a slightly thicker yarn with a tension of 6 stitches to an inch or 2.5 … Read more