It has been a really busy week here for Mommy. She was helping Granny find a retirement home to move into, and then, she spent time making up a few crocheted things. This is a dress for a china head doll Mommy made this week for a friend. She made it without the doll, just … Read more

The Big Game

Riley: Whatcha doing? Sofia: Just playing Monopoly. Riley: Can I play, too? Luna: Sorry, Riley, but we’re already in the middle of a game. Riley: Please?????? Michael: Wait – Riley can be the banker. Sofia: Seriously? She’s only just learning to count to 50. Michael: That’s okay. I’ll help her. Luna: All right, then. Riley, … Read more

See You Later in the Week

Granny is not feeling well, and so Mommy is tending to her this weekend. We will be back next week with the new pattern for our (we Kruselings) new top and pinafore! In the meantime, here’s a sneak preview of the shirt, almost finished, and a photo of the shared quilt Mommy and Auntie S. … Read more