Day by Day

So, Riley, how are you enjoying your new bedroom? It’s good. Vera is really nice to me, and I even get to keep my babies right by my bed. *********************************************************************************************** Unfortunately, things are not quite as settled in Michael’s universe… Michael, what’s this lump in your bed? It’s nothing! I’m just a messy bed maker, … Read more

Our House, Our House!!!

It came! Our house is finally here! We have 8 big rooms and doors that close, for us to have lots of privacy. Mommy just put all kinds of loose furniture inside this week so we could see how it would fit, and to let us decide where each room would be. Michael wanted the … Read more


Sofia: Look, Michael! Mommy gave up on the Regissor cabinet she wanted for our house, but instead, she bought us two of these Havsta houses! Mommy used a gift card Auntie S. gave her a long time ago for Ikea, and Uncle P. is going to put them together for us. Isn’t that great? Michael: … Read more

The New Bath

Riley: What’s this? Vera: Our new bathtub. Riley: Where are the taps? Vera: Mommy says she will put some in when we get our new house. Riley: You’ve been talking about the new house for a long, long time…Are you sure Mommy is really going to get us one? Vera: Yup. She checks the Ikea … Read more