Michael: What are you guys up to? Riley: We were playing with the bowling set Santa brought us, but then Winston snatched our bowling ball, and sat on it. Vera: He seems to think it’s his egg or something. Every time we try to take it back, he gets really upset. Chloe: It’s ridiculous! He’s … Read more

A 2022 Retrospective – Happy New Year!

As part of the New Year’s celebrations here, the kiddies and I looked back over 2022, and chose our favourite adventures from the past twelve months. I’ll start with mine, which was waking up to the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast, made especially for me, by the (rather noisy) little ones! Next up – Sofia – … Read more

Sorry, Riley!

Sorry, Riley. I promised I would meet Ricky at the park in a few minutes, to play football. Sorry, Riley. We have to work on our science project. It’s due this week. Sorry, Riley. I have a cold, and don’t feel well enough to play. Maybe tomorrow? Sorry, Riley. We’re just heading out to the … Read more