A Little Break

We are sorry, but we are taking a little break this week. We sincerely hope you will all hang in there with us, until next week. Best wishes for a happy week ahead.

A Sick Kittie

It has been a sad week here at our house, because one of our kitties has been ill. Mommy took her to see the emergency veterinarian last Saturday. He could not find anything in particular that was wrong with her, but she had diarrhea all week, and although that has cleared up, she is still … Read more

A Simple Crocheted Dress for Bibichou Lucia

This is Lucia, a Bibichou by Sylvia Natterer, who joins our sister Bibichou, Taffy. Lucia wanted a sundress as it is still very hot here, so Mommy made her this crocheted sundress. Lucia’s dress is made from size 10 crochet cotton, using single crochet and double crochet stitches. It features a gathered skirt beneath a … Read more

What’s Going On?

Joy: Hey, Cora, could you help me please? I can’t reach the pizza box on the top shelf. Joy: It was really weird, Michael. I’ve never seen Cora be so rude before! Michael: Huh, me neither. I wonder what’s up with her today? Mercedes: Hi Cora. Are you going to do some baking today? Mercedes: … Read more

A New Dress for Minouche (and Sasha Baby!)

It is still summer here where we live, but Mommy is already thinking of fall and winter. This week, she decided that Demelza will need something warmer than cotton sundresses when the cooler weather arrives, and so, she designed this dress for our Minouche sister. The dress was knitted using simple stockinette and garter stitches. … Read more