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Sasha Dolls:

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Sasha or Gregor – Textured Pullover:

Guernsey style pullover for Sasha baby:

Knitted trousers for baby Sasha:

Sasha Baby/Toddler Knitted Cardigan:

Overalls for Sasha:

Sasha/Baby Toddler Cotton Lace Dress:

Moss Stitch Dress for Sasha:

Knitted Swing Coat:

Baby/Toddler Seed Stitch Cardigan:

Crocheted Cross Over Stitch Summer Dress:

Ukrainian Shawl:

Baby Crocheted T-shirt:

Baby Ballet Set:


Feather and Fan Stitch Cardigan:

Baby Coat and Bonnet:

Baby Jacket Leggings and Scarf:

Baby Knitted Onesie:

V-neck Cardigan for Boys:

Peplum Sweater:


Cotton Crochet Summer Cardigan: