Links to 9″/23 cm Kruselings Patterns

Kruselings Dolls:

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School Jacket and Tote Bag:

School skirt:

Shirt and Pinafore Set:

Overalls for Kruselings:

Fancy Dress:

A Swing Coat:

One-shoulder Dress:

Ribbed Pullover:

Summer Top and Pants:

English Mesh Lace Summer Dress:

Simple Scoop Neck T-shirt and a Sewn Skirt:

Festive Dress:

Knit Top:

Knit Pants:

Stocking Hat:

Patterned Coat:

K2, P2 Coat:

Two Piece Bathing Suit:

Crocheted Sunsuit:

Knitted Cape:

Jacket in Sc, Dc:

Crocheted Dress in Sc, Dc:

Mock Cable Cardigan:

Moss Stitch Cardigan:

Knitted Striped Dress:

Round Yoke Crochet Dress:

Knitted Housecoat with Belt:

Shell Bolero with Cap Sleeves:

Lacy Peplum Sweater:

Easy Knitted Shift Dress:

Knitted Housecoat:

Halter Sundress with Peplum Jacket:

Crocheted Shift Dress:

Doll Sweater in Sc:

Making Beds – Part Two – Linens:

Making Beds – Part One: