About Small Doll Adventures

My name is Cynthia, and I have been a doll collector since forever. As a child, my best memories are those of playing with my many dolls, dressing them, taking them on adventures and creating fantasy worlds for them.

At the age of twelve or thirteen, when it was suggested that I was getting too old to play with dolls anymore, I promptly declared myself a doll collector, and that was the beginning.

I started my collection with my childhood dolls that had not been already given away, and added various Madame Alexander dolls over the next several years. My greatest coup was a Madame Alexander doll from 1935, found in a doll show in Ottawa, Ontario. I had to borrow the money to purchase her from my mother, as I was still a university student at the time, but the doll resides with me still, these 40 years later.

My next favourite additions to my collection began when I spotted a Sasha Morgenthaler doll in a toy store in Montreal, Quebec. Her wistful expression hooked me right away, and I began purchasing these girls, boys and babies whenever they became available.

Since those early collecting years, I have amassed many dolls, weeded out quite a few, and fine tuned where I wanted my collection to go. And that leads us here, to Small Doll Adventures.

I love small dolls that are easily transported and posed. They accompany me on daily outings and vacations. I enjoy making/purchasing them, sewing clothes for them from my quilting stash of materials or crocheting/knitting for them when doll sized yarns are available. They keep me smiling, and make strangers laugh too, when I pose them in unlikely places out in the world.

With this blog/website, I hope to share some of that laughter with you.