A Visit with Auntie S.

Mommy worked on an Advent calendar this week. She isn’t finished it yet, but here is what it looks like so far. The roof on each house, and the Church, lift up so you can retrieve a treat from inside each building over the days of December, leading right up to the 25th. The houses are all finished, but the tree needs its trunk still, and then there will be more things added around the tree. When all the appliquéd things are done, the calendar will be quilted. We love all the colours and bead embellishments Mommy used. We sure hope she will get the calendar finished before December!

Auntie S. and Uncle S. moved last month, so yesterday was the first time any of us got to see their new home. I was the only one who got to go with Mommy, because it was a school day. Mommy said we couldn’t all miss school every time she goes somewhere, but she said we could take turns having one day each over the winter for a special event, as long as we keep our grades up. This is Auntie’s kitchen. You can’t see it in the photo, but there is a table with four chairs right across from where I am sitting.

Auntie still has a craft room in her new home, which is good, because she and Mommy love to work on things together and have show and tell sessions with all the things they have been working on.

Their new home is in an apartment, so they have a balcony instead of a yard now. The view from the balcony is soothing. They live on a quiet street, and have a good view of both the city and the walking trails near their building.

We went to see a quilt show after lunch. Mommy was disappointed to learn she could not post any photos of the quilts on display on her blog, but I can tell you that there were tons of spectacular quilts! There were also tons of people, but everyone was polite and took turns looking at the quilts. I made some friends. This is a cute dog who kept trying to give me smoochy kisses. Yucky!

These two African elephants were guarding a huge quilt featuring a mosaic elephant on it. They only got mad if someone tried to touch the quilt without wearing protective gloves. We were safe, because Mommy used the white gloves the quilt show people supplied.

The quilt show was so big, we had to rest twice before we saw everything. There was a complimentary tea area. It was so busy though, we had to wait quite awhile before we could get our chance to have tea.

There were many vendors at the show, too. Mommy and I picked out lots of fat quarters for future sewing projects. Callie had a good sniff at all the fabrics, but when she realized they weren’t for her, she just turned her back on them!

We got this cute sewing kit to make a baby doll sized quilt. It is made with the English paper piecing method, which Mommy has done before. She is going to teach me how to do it. She says it will be easy, because all the pieces have already been basted to paper.

The last thing Mommy bought was a kit to make a Sashiko block. She has not done this Japanese embroidery technique before, so it was fun to help her pick out a pattern and floss. We both liked a big wall hanging kit, but Mommy decided it was better to start with a smaller block until she sees how well she likes the Sashiko technique. I guess that was a wise decision, but I took a card from the vendor, so we can go there and get the bigger kit eventually. I know Mommy – she’s going to want to make more Sashiko pieces – she loves any kind of embroidery!

8 thoughts on “A Visit with Auntie S.”

    • It was a really great day, Auntie L.! We had so much fun, and we are very happy that our Aunt and Uncle are living close enough to visit so much more easily now. 🙂

  1. How wonderful! I like your Advent calendar very much. I went to a quilt show a few days ago too. None of my dolls got to go. I found a Sashiko kit that I think will make a lovely quilt for my little Asian Sasha doll. I have no idea when I will find time to make this up! But as you know dolls appreciate the things we make for them.

    • We really, really enjoyed the quilt show we went to-the talent on display was so inspiring. Oh, and Mommy got to try out a long arm quilting machine, too. It was wonderful to use, but not something we will ever have at home. Your baby Sasha will be super excited when she gets her new quilt! Mommy’s kit might end up being made into a doll quilt also, unless she enjoys making it so much, she decides to use it in a bigger quilt with more Sashiko blocks.! 🙂

  2. What a great adventure! Love the advent calendar. The background fabric is so perfect for it.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the Shashiko kit. Sounds very interesting and Auntie S apartment looks huge!

    • We will definitely show the kit to you, Auntie R.. 🙂 Auntie and Uncle’s apartment is the biggest we have ever seen. We were quite jealous of all the space actually, but all in all, we are happy in our own home, too.

    • Thank you so much! What a lovely compliment. :). We just wish we had been able to show some of the beautiful quilts we saw, because the talent there was phenomenal!


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