A Simple Crocheted Dress for Bibichou Lucia

This is Lucia, a Bibichou by Sylvia Natterer, who joins our sister Bibichou, Taffy. Lucia wanted a sundress as it is still very hot here, so Mommy made her this crocheted sundress. Lucia’s dress is made from size 10 crochet cotton, using single crochet and double crochet stitches. It features a gathered skirt beneath a … Read more

What’s Going On?

Joy: Hey, Cora, could you help me please? I can’t reach the pizza box on the top shelf. Joy: It was really weird, Michael. I’ve never seen Cora be so rude before! Michael: Huh, me neither. I wonder what’s up with her today? Mercedes: Hi Cora. Are you going to do some baking today? Mercedes: … Read more