Moving Days

Our Granny is 88 years old now, and this weekend, she moved to a retirement home, closer to where we live. Mommy has been packing up her old apartment since the beginning of June. It was hard work for Granny to decide what to bring to her new home, and what to part with, but Michael and I went over on Friday to help her make some of her decisions.

Michael helped Mommy stack some of the moving boxes to make it easier for our Uncle J. and his friend to load the moving truck on Saturday. Don’t tell him I told you, but really I think Mommy did most of the lifting, because those boxes were a whole lot bigger than Michael!

The retirement home Granny has moved into was built in an old hotel. Granny has a big room, but a whole lot of stuff still, so there was a lot of unpacking to do today, after the big move yesterday. This is what her room looked like after Mommy worked awhile today, and…

Here is what it looked like a few hours later. It still looked pretty messy, but Mommy moved some of the furniture so the living room area looked cozier. Granny liked the change a lot.

This is the bed room area. You can’t see her dresser in this photo, but you can see the comfy bed Auntie R. and Uncle P. gave her. Mommy will take Granny to get her a cover for the bottom mattress and a new comforter set, once the unpacking is all taken care of.

It was a super busy and tiring three days, and we have to do more unpacking and arranging tomorrow. By the time we went home today though, Granny had her living room almost completely set up, with even her favourite painting on the wall!

10 thoughts on “Moving Days”

  1. Quel changement dans la vie de votre Mamie ! Mais elle pourra mieux profiter de la vie dans une maison de retraite plutôt que seule chez elle à attendre de la visite de ses enfants et petits enfants. Elle aura ou a déjà des amies dans cette résidence et sera bien entourée. Pour vous, ce sera aussi des visites plus détendues que vous lui rendrez !
    Gros bisous à tous !

    • We are really happy Granny has moved closer, too, Auntie B.. She is already making friends, and now we can go help her easily. It makes us happy, too, when we see how much she is already enjoying her new home environment. 🙂

  2. Good you kids helped out! New beginnings for grandma! I bet she will like having new friends around!

    • She is already making some friends, and she has only been there a day and a half! It is great to see Granny settling into her new home so well, Auntie I.. 🙂

  3. It’s a lot of work to move but the room is looking great. Before you know it, the boxes will be gone and everything in its place.


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