34 Degrees Celsius!

It’s been nothing but hot, hot, hot here today! Vera and I were so hot, Mommy filled the bathtub for us to go swimming.

Before we hit the water. we decided to sit poolside with some cool, refreshing drinks. Nothing like a chilled orange lemonade to cool you down…

Vera finished her drink and got bored before me, so she got in the water to practice her swimming and diving. Her arms are a little sloppy still, but check out those pointed toes!

She is learning how to co-ordinate her arms and kicking feet and breathing all at the same time. It’s pretty hard, actually. She does a fantastic starfish though, don’t you think?

I didn’t really feel like swimming so I went and got the kayaks Mommy bought us a few weeks ago. We are supposed to wear life jackets when we use them, but we haven’t got any, so Mommy said it was all right to go without for today, because she would watch us like a hawk.

We paddled around for quite a long time. We even had a race, but Vera rolled her kayak, so I let her win, even though I was in the lead originally.

After swimming and kayaking, Vera was all tired out, so she decided to lie near the window in the sunshine to have a nap and dry off.

I, on the other hand, wasn’t as tired, so I chose to lie in the shade and just relax. Maybe in a little while, I’ll even get my book, and read some…or maybe not…

12 thoughts on “34 Degrees Celsius!”

  1. pas d’air conditionné ici, vous savez mais bon, il fait moins chaud !
    J’étais aujourd’hui, au bord de la mer… il faisait délicieux mais je n’avais pas de maillot de bain ! Vous en avez de la chance !
    Peut-être que votre maman vous emmènera au bord de la mer ??

    • We would love to go the seaside like we did in PEI, but there is no seaside close to us here, Auntie C.. We are quite jealous you got to be near “real” water, but we are glad you had a lovely time. We would lend you our bathing suits so you could go swimming, but we don’t think they would fit! 🙂

      Nous aimerions aller au bord de la mer comme nous l’avons fait à l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard, mais il n’y a pas de bord de mer près de nous ici, tante C.. Nous sommes assez jaloux que vous soyez près de la “vraie” eau, mais nous sommes heureux que vous ayez passé un bon moment . Nous vous prêterions nos maillots de bain pour que vous puissiez vous baigner, mais nous ne pensons pas qu’ils vous conviendraient ! 🙂

  2. pff!!! il fera encore chaud aujourd’hui mais un peu moins qu’hier ouf!!! Vous êtes très mignonnes dans vos maillots et j’aime aussi beaucoup vos Kayak .. Merci pour ces belles photos…Bonne journée…Bisous….Fanfan

    • Thank you, Auntie F.! We love our new kayaks, too, and hope we get to use them many times. Can you believe Mommy found them at a Dollar Store, of all places?! 🙂

      Merci tante F. ! Nous aimons aussi nos nouveaux kayaks et espérons pouvoir les utiliser plusieurs fois. Pouvez-vous croire que maman les a trouvés dans un magasin à un dollar, entre tous ? ! 🙂

    • It is much too hot for us here, Auntie P., and our building’s air conditioner is still broken, so we are thankful Mommy let us play in the big bathtub!


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