A Visit to Auntie S. in Goderich!

This past Monday, we went to visit Auntie S.. We stayed in a hotel that was made in a very old building. It was only a few blocks away from Auntie’s house, and it was right across from the centre square in the town. No elevators, but we helped Mommy haul everything up the 25 steps to the second floor where our room was.

Mommy’s big bed was really comfortable. We brought our own sleeping bags, though, so we only tried it out for a few minutes.

Baby Minna thought it was a great bed, too! Here she is, just chilling out!

We all spent the afternoon with Auntie S.. She and Mommy started on their chicken quilts by cutting out and sewing the chicken coops first.

On the way back to the hotel, later in the day, Minna found a pretty little garden. We had a hard time convincing her it was time to go and get ready for bed, but when she started closing her eyes, Mommy just scooped her up and carried her the rest of the way.

Because we are older than Minna, Vera and I weren’t tired enough to sleep yet, so Mommy let us play on our iPad for half an hour before she turned out the lights.

In the morning, the hotel offered a continental breakfast, but it was kind of boring. They only had two things to drink, so if you didn’t like coffee or orange juice, you were out of luck. Mommy poured us some milk from the jug meant for the cereal offerings, when no one was looking.

We left Minna with a babysitter in our room, because it was very hot outside, and she was still kind of tired from the long drive the day before. Vera and I let her play with our little doggy toys so she could still have some fun.

After breakfast, we started walking over to Auntie’s house again, but on the way, we went by an antique shop Mommy went to last year. It wasn’t open, but a sign on the door said we could call, and the owner would come, so Mommy phoned him.

The breakfast room had really huge windows. We enjoyed watching people walk through the back parking lot and along one of the main streets, while Mommy finished eating.

We looked at everything! The owner had so much stuff, every time we turned a corner in the store we saw something else we liked! Mommy picked out some pink glassware right away, and we each got to choose a teacup to take home. Then, Mommy found a glass doorknob just like her own Granny had in her house when Mommy was little. She also bought a green candy dish, but she wants to make a baby cradle out of it.

Mommy saw these two little knives in a cabinet. They did not have price tags on them, and when she asked the owner how much they were, he just gave them to her! The one on the left is plastic, but the one on the right is carved from a material like ivory.

This wooden pill bottle was pretty funny, because it still had some pills inside! Mommy says they are too old to ever use though…

Auntie S. took us on a picnic down by the shores of Lake Huron. We sat in the shade, and ate and ate! Auntie had packed lots of bread and cheeses, poppy seed cake and fresh raspberries – Yum!

After our picnic, we went back to Auntie’s house, and she and Mommy cut out chicken pieces all afternoon. Vera and I helped them both choose fabrics and match colours. Those chickens are going to look quite spectacular, we think…

8 thoughts on “A Visit to Auntie S. in Goderich!”

  1. What a great mini vacation! ! So glad you had a great time with Auntie S! Looking forward to the next grand adventure!

    • We always like helping Mommy, Auntie C.! Our sewing vacation with Mommy and Auntie S. has been great fun! 🙂

      Nous aimons toujours aider maman, tante C. ! Nos vacances de couture avec maman et tante S. ont été très amusantes ! 🙂

    • Wait until you see them, Auntie L.! They are so cute! Mommy is still doing a bit of handwork on her chickens, but next week, she will be ready to show them off. 🙂

      Attendez de les voir, Tatie L. ! Ils sont trop mignons! Maman travaille encore un peu ses poules, mais la semaine prochaine, elle sera prête à les montrer. 🙂

  2. What a great time you girls had! It is fun to stay in a motel. Frances Sophia and her friend, Luka sure enjoy it too. Gardens are fun and oh, the finds you all found at the antique shop!
    Lucky girls!!

    • We know how lucky we are Mommy lets us go on her trips, Auntie H.! We have to take turns with our siblings, but Vera and I love to go to hotels so much, we usually are the ones who get to go when there is a hotel involved. We bet Frances Sophia and Luka are hoping right now that they are going to get to go somewhere this summer, too! 🙂


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