It has been a really busy week here for Mommy. She was helping Granny find a retirement home to move into, and then, she spent time making up a few crocheted things.

This is a dress for a china head doll Mommy made this week for a friend. She made it without the doll, just using the doll’s measurements, so she is really hoping it will fit dolly well! Unfortunately, we won’t know for a few weeks, until it gets there by mail.

Mommy also started a sun dress for our Minouche sister, Demelza, but she didn’t get time to finish it, yet. We love the colour though, and bet Minouche will be really happy when it is finished.

Next week, Mommy is getting together with Auntie S., and they are going to make chicken quilts. They bought this pattern and the fabrics for the backgrounds and bindings, but we are going to help Mommy pick fabrics from her stash for the chickens themselves.

We found these oranges to use for the wattles and cockscombs. Mommy says they are usually red, but these oranges are so pretty, we think she should use them instead!

Do you like these green fabrics? We think a few chickens would look good in these two fabrics.

We think a chicken or two would suit these fabrics, too. After all, red and yellow are both summery colours, and chickens love warm weather – at least, we think they do?

Hmmm…Luna likes this one, but I’m not so sure whales and chickens go together all that well!

Okay, these would make for some fancy dancy chickens, all right! And after, maybe we will be able to convince Mommy to make us new dresses out of the left overs. 🙂

Of course, we could just go for some farmer checked fabrics. You can’t really go too wrong with the basics…

We’re going to keep looking, but we think we have a few possibilities from our search today. We sure hope Mommy and Auntie S. will let us help make their quilts next week. It looks like fun to us!

12 thoughts on “Chickens”

  1. que de travail, mes enfants !!
    aidez bien votre maman !!!
    elle en fera peut-être un petit … pour vous ???
    c’est tellement joli !!!

    • Now, that is a great idea, Auntie C.! We would love a chicken quilt and Riley never has gotten her own quilt, yet! You are so smart to think of us getting one of our own… 🙂

      C’est une excellente idée, tante C. ! Nous aimerions une courtepointe de poulet et Riley n’a encore jamais eu sa propre courtepointe! Tu es si intelligent de penser que nous en prendrons un à nous… 🙂

  2. J’ai traduit avec Google mais je n’ai pas tout compris poulet ??; courte pointe ?? couette ??? vivement les photos.. ;en attendant les tissus dépliés par ces demoiselles sont forts jolis…le dernier à pois très clair me plait un peu plus….Bonne journée…. Bisous….Fanfan
    Traduit avec Google : I translated with Google but I didn’t understand everything chicken ???; short point?? comforter ??? can’t wait for the photos..; while waiting for the fabrics unfolded by these ladies are very pretty…the last one with very light polka dots pleases me a little more….Have a nice day…. Kisses….Fanfan

    • The polka dot fabric is a favourite of Mommy’s, too, Auntie F.! We will make sure Mommy takes photos as the chickens get made so you can see everything. It is going to be a lot of fun! As much as we like that Google will translate for us, we do know that sometimes the translations are not really accurate…

      Le tissu à pois est aussi un des préférés de maman, Tatie F. ! Nous veillerons à ce que maman prenne des photos au fur et à mesure que les poulets sont fabriqués afin que vous puissiez tout voir. Ça va être très amusant ! Même si nous aimons que Google traduise pour nous, nous savons que parfois les traductions ne sont pas vraiment exactes…

  3. Que de beaux projets en cours !
    La robe bleu et rose est très joli et j’espère qu’elle conviendra à la demoiselle qui doit être impatiente de la recevoir.
    Le haut jaune fera un très bel effet cet été, patientons pour voir la tenue terminée !
    Et beau projet de courtepointe, les demoiselles ont bien fouillé le stock de tissus pour trouver ces jolis coupons qui peuvent aussi convenir pour de belles petites robes estivales !
    A très bientôt pour admirer la suite !

    • Thank you, Auntie B., for all your lovely compliments. Mommy is actually quite anxious to see if the blue dress will fit the dolly it has been made for! The yellow sundress is half finished as of last night, so maybe next week, there will be a new pattern available for everyone who has a MInouche at their house… 🙂

      Merci, Tatie B., pour tous vos adorables compliments. Maman est en fait assez impatiente de voir si la robe bleue conviendra à la poupée pour laquelle elle a été faite ! La robe d’été jaune est à moitié finie depuis hier soir, alors peut-être que la semaine prochaine, il y aura un nouveau patron disponible pour tous ceux qui ont une MInouche chez eux… 🙂

    • Oh, we are always helpful, Auntie H., sometimes whether Mommy wants our help or not! We can’t wait to see how the chicken quilts turn out with all the fabric choices we have made… 🙂


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