The Big Game

Riley: Whatcha doing?

Sofia: Just playing Monopoly.

Riley: Can I play, too?

Luna: Sorry, Riley, but we’re already in the middle of a game.

Riley: Please??????

Michael: Wait – Riley can be the banker.

Sofia: Seriously? She’s only just learning to count to 50.

Michael: That’s okay. I’ll help her.

Luna: All right, then. Riley, you are now the official banker of this Monopoly game.

Riley: Yay!

Luna: Okay, it’s my turn next. Hmm, Community Chest: Proceed to _____. If you pass Go, collect $200.00. Whoopee!

Luna: Hey, wait a minute! Those aren’t hundreds! They’re just ones.

Riley: Well, one plus one is two, so that’s what you get.

Luna: But the ones are supposed to have two zeros after them…

Michael: Oh, let her have fun, Luna.

Sofia: But, how is she going to learn about money if we don’t correct her?

Riley: I know all about money now. Luna just told me. It’s Michael’s turn!

Michael: That it is, sis. Come on dice, roll me out some good numbers!

Michael: Yes! I passed Go. Hand me some big bucks, Riley.

Riley: Here you go. These fives all have two zeros on them. They must be worth lots.

Michael: Yes, they are, sis. Good for you.

Luna: Michael! You cheat! Those are $500 each!

Sofia: Yeah! That’s way too much money to give him, Riley!

Riley: But I’m the banker. You guys have lots of money, and Michael only has a little bit so he gets to keep all the zeros. The banker says so, and that’s me!

Michael: Excellent point there, Riley. You’re my kind of banker.


An hour later…

Riley: Yay! Michael wins!

Sofia: Of course he does…

Luna: Do you think maybe, Michael set us up?

Sofia: Who knows?

Luna: Well, at least Riley and Michael had fun today.

Sofia: Yeah, but next time, you be the banker, okay?

12 thoughts on “The Big Game”

  1. Ah le filou!!! il savait ce qu’il faisait en mettant Riley comme banquière hi hi….Merci pour cette petite comptine… les meubles et le jeu ainsi que les vĂŞtements des poupĂ©es bien sĂ»r sont fort jolis….Bonne journĂ©e…Bisous…Fanfan
    Traduit avec Google : Oh the son!!! he knew what he was doing by putting Riley as banker hi hi….Thank you for this little nursery rhyme… the furniture and the game as well as the clothes of the dolls of course are very pretty….Have a nice day.. .Kisses…Fanfan

    • Thank you, Auntie F.. We still think Michael and Riley were being stinkers though! 🙂

      Merci, tante F.. Nous pensons toujours que Michael et Riley étaient des puants ! 🙂

  2. I love it all: the outfits, the furniture, the mini monopoly game I adore and of course the story that goes with them! Thank you for such an entertaining moment.

  3. c’est dĂ©licieux !
    je jouais un peu comme vous, lorsque j’Ă©tais petite…
    mais comment votre maman trouve-t-elle des meubles… et des jeux Ă  votre taille ???
    vous avez de la chance !
    je vous embrasse tous !

    • It was a really lucky find, that Monopoly game, Auntie C.. Mommy went to the toy store to look for other things, and found this Monopoly game right near the cash registrar. There was a Scrabble game, too, but she figured we would lose all the tiles too quickly! 🙂

      C’Ă©tait une trouvaille vraiment chanceuse, ce jeu Monopoly, Auntie C.. Maman est allĂ©e au magasin de jouets pour chercher d’autres choses, et a trouvĂ© ce jeu Monopoly juste Ă  cĂ´tĂ© de la caisse enregistreuse. Il y avait aussi une partie de Scrabble, mais elle pensait que nous perdrions toutes les tuiles trop rapidement ! 🙂

    • We are glad you enjoyed our game, Auntie B.. We did have fun even if Michael and Riley didn’t play fair! 🙂

      Nous sommes ravis que vous ayez apprĂ©ciĂ© notre jeu, Auntie B.. Nous nous sommes bien amusĂ©s mĂŞme si Michael et Riley n’ont pas jouĂ© franc jeu ! 🙂


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