It has been a really busy week here for Mommy. She was helping Granny find a retirement home to move into, and then, she spent time making up a few crocheted things. This is a dress for a china head doll Mommy made this week for a friend. She made it without the doll, just … Read more

Baby Time

Mommy wanted to knit a dress for the AG Caring for Babies this week, but it got much too hot here to knit! Suddenly, the sun is shining and the heat is on, but unfortunately, our air conditioning isn’t not on, yet…So, Mommy did some crocheting with cotton yarn instead. Mommy bought the babies some … Read more

The Big Game

Riley: Whatcha doing? Sofia: Just playing Monopoly. Riley: Can I play, too? Luna: Sorry, Riley, but we’re already in the middle of a game. Riley: Please?????? Michael: Wait – Riley can be the banker. Sofia: Seriously? She’s only just learning to count to 50. Michael: That’s okay. I’ll help her. Luna: All right, then. Riley, … Read more