Mommy bought these wooden pieces a little while ago to makes us some dishes, but up until now, she never got around to making them. With the cold weather outside, she decided this was a great day to do some indoor crafting, so she pulled out all the materials she needed.

She let me pick from a book of scrapbook paper she had, for the design on our dishes, and I really liked these pastel flowers on the soft turquoise-green background. I think my siblings will like this paper, too.

Mommy made a template for each of the two sizes of plates we wanted for our kitchen dishes. She traced the templates on the wrong side of the scrapbook paper so there would be no lines on the right side. I helped cut the circles out. I had to be really careful so they would fit on the wooden discs correctly.

Mommy let me decide whether or not to put inner circles on the flowered paper pieces to make them look more like the big plates she has in her kitchen. I chose “yes,” because it made the plates look better to me.

We painted all the wood pieces with a vanilla coloured paint before we glued the flowered circles on. We wanted to use a turquoise-green paint, but we didn’t have any, so we made do. We had to do two coats of paint, so it took awhile.

We used Mod Podge to glue the flowered pieces to the painted discs. Then, we used the Mod Podge to glaze the plates. They are still kind of wet here.

We are going to cover the plates with a second coat of glazing, but before we do, I wanted to show you how pretty our new dishes look with our kitchen table and with yummy food on them!

10 thoughts on “Dishes”

  1. ces assiettes sont superbes !!!!! surtout pour moi qui utilise les petits cercles en bambou que l’on vend pour éviter les coulures des bougies d’Ikea !!!!!!!!
    il fait froid ici aussi…

    • Thank you, Auntie C.! We are enjoying our new dishes very much. We hope you are staying warm enough, too. Mommy keeps our house at just the right temperature, but we are looking forward to warmer temperatures outside, for sure!

      Merci tante C. ! Nous apprécions beaucoup nos nouveaux plats. Nous espérons que vous restez suffisamment au chaud également. Maman garde notre maison à la bonne température, mais nous attendons avec impatience des températures plus chaudes à l’extérieur, c’est sûr !

  2. Your mom has had a very good idea, your dishes are beautiful. The fabric you chose is superb, it announces spring.
    Bravo to your mom and you for the choice of fabric.
    I repeat you that I really like your dress. I soon finished the second, one for your cousins and the second for their mom.
    Kisses to the whole household.

    • It is still my favourite dress, too, Auntie E. – You can tell because I still choose to wear it a lot! I am glad you like our new dishes. I was right, too…my siblings really like the pattern I chose!

      C’est toujours aussi ma robe préférée, Tatie E. – Ça se voit parce que je choisis toujours de la porter souvent ! Je suis ravie que nos nouveaux plats vous plaisent. J’avais raison aussi… mes frères et sœurs aiment vraiment le motif que j’ai choisi !


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