Michael: Huh? Where’d it go?

Michael: This is really weird, Theo!

Michael: Hey, have either of you seen the new rug Mommy made me?

Vera: Yeah, it looks great beside your bed.

Riley: Yeah, beside your bed.

Michael: No, I mean it isn’t there anymore?

Vera: Really?

Riley: Oh.

Michael: I just woke up this morning, and it wasn’t there…I’ve searched my whole room.

Vera: It can’t have got up and walked away, ha, ha! Come on, I’ll help you look for it.

Michael: Thanks.

Riley: Bye-bye.

Riley: They’ve been gone a really long time.

Riley: It must be safe now.

Riley: Vrooooom! Vrooooom!

Vera: Riley! What are you doing with Michael’s rug? We’ve been searching everywhere for it!

Riley: Um…

Vera: Come on, Riley. We have to return this.

Riley: No! It matches my bed!

Vera: Yes, but it also matches Michael’s bed, and Mommy made it for him.

Riley: It’s not fair! I like it better than Michael does!

Vera: No, you don’t. I heard Michael brag to all his friends about his new rug! Maybe, if you ask Mommy nicely, she’ll make you a rug all your own.

Riley: That will take forever! (Sob)

Michael: I don’t get it, Theo…It’s my rug, so why do I feel so guilty?

8 thoughts on “Guilty!”

  1. Je l’ai déjà dit sur Facebook, il est vraiment adorable ce tapis . J’adore !
    Je ne sais pas comment vous l’avez fait , mais j’aimerais bien savoir en faire autant. Bravo !
    Amicalement. Stéphanie

    • Thank you for the lovely compliment. The rug is made in cross stitch on 18 count fabric. They are a lot of fun to make. 🙂

      Merci pour le beau compliment. Le tapis est réalisé au point de croix sur du tissu 18 fils. Ils sont très amusants à faire. 🙂

  2. Riley, you’re a little rascal! You can see that the pretty rug your mom just finished matches Mickael’s bedspread.
    If you’re very nice, maybe one day you’ll have one too.
    Hugs to the whole family.

    • We keep telling Riley that, too, Auntie E., but she is so stubborn! We think if we get her to design a rug she wants, and Mommy agrees to make it, that will help her calm down though. 🙂

      Nous n’arrêtons pas de le dire à Riley, tante E., mais elle est si têtue ! Nous pensons que si nous lui faisons concevoir un tapis qu’elle veut, et que maman accepte de le faire, cela l’aidera à se calmer. 🙂


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