Michael: What are you guys up to?

Riley: We were playing with the bowling set Santa brought us, but then Winston snatched our bowling ball, and sat on it.

Vera: He seems to think it’s his egg or something. Every time we try to take it back, he gets really upset.

Chloe: It’s ridiculous! He’s not even a girl duck, he’s a boy!

Riley: She’s just mad because she was winning. Poor Winston. He can’t help it if he wants a baby duck to play with.

Michael: Hmmm, maybe we could switch the bowling ball out for my soccer ball. Winston probably wouldn’t notice it wasn’t the same ball…er, egg.

Vera: That’s a great idea. I’ll help.

Chloe: I can’t believe he fell for that, but then, if he really thinks he can hatch an egg, I guess –

Riley: Aw, don’t be mean, Chloe. Winston can’t help it if his brain is smaller than ours.

Vera: There, good as new.

Riley: Thank you, Michael. Winston’s happy now, and Chloe is, too.

Michael: You’re welcome. So, let’s see who wins this bowling game now!

Riley: Oh no! Not again!

Michael: Alice!

4 thoughts on “Bowling”

    • We agree, Auntie E.! He is going to be so disappointed when his egg doesn’t hatch! Riley says she is going to make him a baby duck so let’s just hope whatever she comes up with, will make him happy… 🙂

      Nous sommes d’accord, tante E. ! Il va être tellement déçu quand son œuf n’éclora pas ! Riley dit qu’elle va lui faire un bébé canard alors espérons juste que tout ce qu’elle propose le rendra heureux… 🙂

    • I don’t know, Auntie Rosanna – I think Winston is going to be very disappointed when his egg never hatches, and in the meantime, we all have to put up with Chloe stomping around because we never got to finish our game! 🙂


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