A 2022 Retrospective – Happy New Year!

As part of the New Year’s celebrations here, the kiddies and I looked back over 2022, and chose our favourite adventures from the past twelve months. I’ll start with mine, which was waking up to the perfect Mother’s Day breakfast, made especially for me, by the (rather noisy) little ones!

Next up – Sofia – who chose making eggs in the Instant Pot as her favourite time from this year.

Then, there’s Michael who loved riding the horsies at the new library!

Giggly Chloe insists the best time she had in 2022 was when it was so hot, everyone just ran around in their underwear all day…oh my!

Vera loved welcoming Leysa and Ionna to our home.

Joy thought learning to water paint was a lot of fun.

Riley’s favourite time of fun was when she spent the whole day playing with our Elf on the Shelf, Caroline.

And, last but not least, Luna’s favourite adventure this past year was helping to furnish Mommy’s new dollhouse.

Of course, the biggest event for all of the kiddies was getting their own house, which Uncle P. put together for them!

There were quite a few patterns on our blog this year, too! Do you remember these outfits?

A simple t-shirt for Sasha
Sasha’s Ukrainian Shawl
Crocheted Cross Over Stitch Summer Dress for Sasha
One Shoulder Dress for Kruselings
Ribbed Pullover for Kruselings
A Swing Coat for Kruselings
Sleeper Set for AG Caring for Baby
Fancy Dress for Kruselings

We wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and hope 2023 will bring joy, peace and understanding wherever they are needed in our world!

Baby Susanna’s Crocheted Ballet Set
Simple Scoop Neck T-shirt and a Sewn Skirt for Kruselings
English Mesh Lace Summer Dress for Kruselings
Summer Top and Pants for Kruselings
Sasha Baby/Toddler Seed Stitch Cardigan
Knitted Swing Coat for Sasha
Moss Stitch Dress for Sasha
Sasha Baby/Toddler Cotton Lace Dress
Crocheted Dress and Diaper for AG Caring for Baby
Overalls for Sasha

24 thoughts on “A 2022 Retrospective – Happy New Year!”

  1. Je vous souhaite une très bonne année 2023 , merci pour tous ces moments de poésie et de rêve qui font tant de bien !
    Merci également pour tous vos beaux tricots qui nous permettent de rendre heureux nos petits .

  2. merci ! merci pour les bons moments que vous nous faites partager !
    ces moments d’émotion, de tendresse pour les petits et toutes vos douces créations pour eux !
    Je vous envoie un grand merci et beaucoup d’affection à tous !!

    • Thank you, Auntie C.. We hope 2023 will be a wonderful year for you! 🙂 Do you have fireworks where you live? Sometimes we have them here, but if not, there will be some on the television anyway!

      Merci, Tatie C.. Nous espérons que 2023 sera une année merveilleuse pour vous ! 🙂 Avez-vous des feux d’artifice où vous vivez ? Parfois on en a ici, mais sinon, il y en aura quand même à la télévision !

    • You are so funny naming your home Camp Runamuck, Auntie J.! Mommy says she gets the name, but we just like the sound of it…We are definitely looking forward to 2023!

  3. What an adventure 2022 was! Holding 2023 is just as great. Love all the patterns. Very hard to pick a favourite but my eyes keep wandering to the Baby Sasha blue and white dress. ❤️ Happy New Year!

    • Thank you, Auntie S.. Mommy likes making the patterns, too, but don’t you think she should make more in our size? We don’t see why the babies and older kids need so many new clothes…Oh well, Mommy is working on overalls for us so at least 2023 will start with a great pattern – ha, ha, ha!

  4. Oh yes, what a pleasure to see all these very pretty outfits! I have knitted a few and hope to continue. A very big thank you for your patience in making all these tutorials so that we have the joy of offering pretty dresses to our little ones.
    Thank you also for all these stories of dolls that I appreciate.
    Happy New Year’s Eve. Big kisses

    • Kisses to you, too, Auntie E.. Mommy is working on overalls for us now, too, so our cousins will be happy in 2023!

      Bisous à toi aussi, tante E.. Maman travaille aussi sur des salopettes pour nous maintenant, donc nos cousins ​​seront heureux en 2023 !

  5. Bonne année 2023 à toute la famille, des plus grands au plus petits ! Que cette nouvelle année soit riche de partages, d’échanges, d’amitiés, de créativité !
    Gros bisous à tout ce petit monde, gros bisous à vos oncles et tantes, et surtout à votre maman !

    • Thank you, Auntie B.. Kisses to you, too. We are looking forward to lots more fun with our friends and family in 2023!

      Merci tante B.. Bisous à toi aussi. Nous attendons avec impatience beaucoup plus de plaisir avec nos amis et notre famille en 2023 !

  6. Merci Cynthia pour tes voeux et cette rétrospective…toutes tes jolies tenues partagées..J’aime beaucoup la robe de Sofia le tissu est vraiment joli….
    reçois pour toi et ta famille, tous mes voeux de bonheur de santé pour cette année qui arrive à grands pas…..Bonne journée Bisous…Fanfan
    Traduit avec Google : Thank you Cynthia for your wishes and this retrospective… all your pretty outfits shared.. I really like Sofia’s dress the fabric is really pretty….
    receive for you and your family, all my wishes of health happiness for this year which is fast approaching ….. Have a nice day Kisses … Fanfan

    • Thank you, Auntie F.. Sofia’s dress is one of Mommy’s favourites, too! We think 2023 will be a fun year, for sure, and are looking forward to it very much. Kisses to you, too!

      Merci, tante F.. La robe de Sofia est aussi l’une des préférées de maman ! Nous pensons que 2023 sera une année amusante, c’est certain, et nous l’attendons avec impatience. Bisous à vous aussi!

  7. I love your blog and your generous way of sharing your patterns. My own girls are very grateful to you and with me they wish you a happy, creative, new year!

    • Thank you, Auntie L.. Mommy is working on overalls to fit us now, and we can’t wait! We know she has to make for our siblings, too, but we like it best when she is making things for us and our house, best! Happy New Year!


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