It’s Almost December!

As some of you may remember from last year, the little ones here get super excited about the Christmas season. They wanted me to put their tree up this week, but I’ve been so busy finishing off my homemade Christmas gifts, I haven’t had time to find it and bring it out. So, I did what mothers have been doing for centuries, and covered up my “too busy to help them” distractedness by telling them the Christmas season really only starts on December first, despite what the stores and advertisements are telling them. Not sure they believed me though…

Luna: Hmm, it’s not quite right somehow…Maybe it just needs some decorations?

Sofia: Or, a table to stand on so it looks taller! Funny, it looked a lot bigger next to Mommy’s sewing table.

Chloe: As soon as I saw her on Mommy’s bureau, I knew she would look good in our room.

Joy: She does look pretty, doesn’t she?!

Vera: Where did you find it, Riley?

Riley: It was just sitting on top of Mommy’s bookcase. I don’t think she’ll miss it.

Michael: You know, Caroline, if you would quit riding the Christmas goose all around my room, we might get this tree finished a little faster!

Caroline: If you quit griping, maybe I’ll forget to tell Santa how you “borrowed” these Christmas things from your Mommy!

2 thoughts on “It’s Almost December!”

  1. It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Love the excitement! The kiddos are going to be so happy when the house is finally decorated!


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