Covid – Yuck!

Last Saturday, Mommy started to feel ill, with a cold, but it turned out to be Covid! Poor Mommy – she got really miserable feeling, and so not much happened here at our house this week. Mercedes did get an autumn yellow dress (which Evie says reminds her of the colour of the maple leaves on some of the trees outside right now), but after that, Mommy said she was too sick to knit anything else this week.

We figured this was a good time then to show an update of the shared quilt cloth Mommy and Auntie S. are working on together. Auntie sent it back to us this time with the two hot air balloons, so of course, Mommy immediately had to put people in the baskets!

Can you see the little kid in this basket?

The man in this basket has lost his hat!

We have some mountains in the background now, too.

They are hard to see, but there is an octopus, a turtle and a mermaid in the water.

There is a new flower garden beside the bench where Mommy and Auntie S. are sitting with the kitty.

Yesterday, Mommy was feeling a little better, so she started to design a rug for Michael’s room. He wants one that matches his cars and trucks quilt. He was disappointed Mommy didn’t feel well enough to start the cross stitching, but we just reminded him of the old saying: “Patience is a virtue.” Unfortunately, we then had to explain to him what a virtue was…

8 thoughts on “Covid – Yuck!”

  1. Bon rétablissement…Il faut du repos ..tu as quand même bien travaillé, cette couette faite ensemble est vraiment très belle…..
    Bonne journée…Bisous…Fanfan
    Traduit avec Google
    Good recovery…You need to rest…you did a good job, this duvet made together is really very beautiful…
    Have a nice day…Kiss…Fanfan

    • Thank you for your good wishes. The shared cloth is lots of fun as we surprise each other, each time we pass it back!

      Merci pour vos bons voeux. Le tissu partagé est très amusant car nous nous surprenons à chaque fois que nous le repassons!

  2. Bon rétablissement !
    Quand je suis malade, se sont les travaux d’aiguilles qui m’aident à tenir le coup, même si j’avance plus lentement. Ca permet d’occuper l’esprit et de faire passer le temps plus vite.

    • Thank you for your good wishes. I agree, if I did not have my crafts to work on, I think I would go crazy!

      Merci pour vos bons voeux. Je suis d’accord, si je n’avais pas mon bricolage sur lequel travailler, je pense que je deviendrais folle !

    • Thank you so much. I am feeling much better, but do have some congestion still, and get tired very quickly…but I am grateful as I know it could have been much worse! 🙂


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