Shopping With Mommy

I went out with Mommy this morning to look for glass jars at Dollarama. In November, she and her friends are going to be making some dried flower jars. Everyone agreed they would buy their own jars, so it seemed like a good day to go looking for some for Mommy to use.

These are the jars Auntie R. saw online, that Mommy and her friends are going to make. Aren’t they beautiful?! Mommy wants her jars to have lids though, so she can use them to hold things other than candles. (We don’t light candles in out house unless we absolutely have to, because we have kitties, and we don’t want them to get hurt.)

We went to the Dollarama at the mall, because then we could get some groceries afterwards. Look at this fancy vase I saw in the grocery store! Mommy said it looked like a disco ball, but I think it was even better than one of those, because I got to sit on it. I just wish I had brought my crown along with me, because then everyone would have thought I was a queen sitting there!

I love dollar stores. There is always so much to see. Even when you don’t want half the stuff, it is still fun to see what is in the store. There is always stuff you never even knew existed in the world.

Auntie R. asked us to look for some Star Wars drying mats she got some time ago. We saw lots of Star Wars stuff, but not the mats she wanted. I am glad I don’t live in a Star Wars world. Those helmets would really mess up my hair, and how could anyone even see out of those eye slits? No, thank you! I much prefer to have my eyes wide open, so I don’t trip over my own two feet.

We found lots and lots of jars. Mommy decided to get these ones with the bamboo lids and those other ones with the blue gingham lids. That gives her different sizes to work with. We also found some spice jars for Granny to use with her sprinkles for her Christmas cookies. Granny will be very happy to see what we got her, because she likes the look of sprinkles on her cookies, but she always complains they are so messy to use…

After we picked out the jars, we cruised the store to see what else was there. One aisle was really funny, because on one side, there was all this creepy Hallowe’en stuff, and on the other side, there was all cheerful Christmas stuff!

I liked the Christmas stuff much better, because Hallowe’en stuff scares me. I tried to convince Mommy that we needed a new plaque for our door, but she said Santa already knows where we live.

We did buy this cute Snowy Bear though. He is too big to go in our new house, but Mommy agreed he could sit on the roof of our house in December.

When we got home, Mommy worked on finishing a bedspread for her dollhouse. This is what the bed looks like now in the parents’ bedroom.

Here is a better picture of the actual bedspread, so you can see the pretty colours. I think the dollhouse parents will be very pleased, don’t you?

8 thoughts on “Shopping With Mommy”

  1. What a great adventure! I could spend hours in the Dollar store. So many great crafting ideas. Looking forward to making our jars soon.

    • Thank you, Auntie P.. Mostly Mommy makes us shop quickly, so it was a lot of fun to just browse around. (I think mommy gets really drawn in by Christmas stuff!)


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