Day by Day

So, Riley, how are you enjoying your new bedroom?

It’s good. Vera is really nice to me, and I even get to keep my babies right by my bed.


Unfortunately, things are not quite as settled in Michael’s universe…

Michael, what’s this lump in your bed?

It’s nothing! I’m just a messy bed maker, that’s all. Leave it alone.

Hey, isn’t that your homework? Weren’t you supposed to do it before you started playing today?

Don’t you have anything better to do, than spy on me?

Sheesh, Theo! Girls are always butting their noses in where they aren’t wanted. It’s only a little bit of homework. I can do it in the morning tomorrow, before we go to school.

Eh hem! What would the Queen have done, Michael?

Luna: A good person’s influence lasts long after they are gone, Theo.

Michael: I feel like I should get a Paddington Bear in here, or at least, a marmalade sandwich…

4 thoughts on “Day by Day”

  1. et oui ! les filles mettent leurs nez là ou il ne faut pas…
    mais bon, on ne peut pas s’en passer, hein ?
    La maison est formidable !
    vous devez être bien heureux…
    mais il faudra la garder bien propre et rangée !

    • Thank you, Auntie C.. We are still decorating, but we love, love, love our new house!

      Merci, Tatie C.. Nous sommes toujours en train de décorer, mais nous aimons, aimons, aimons notre nouvelle maison !


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