Making a Doll Stand

The baby on the left is named Star. She is going to be donated to the Sasha Doll Festival next year.

Mommy was too busy this week to make us the coat we wanted. She made two snowsuits for the Sasha babies, and she finished a Christmas ornament cross stitch.

We all thought she would start the coat pattern today, because she did purchase some pretty green yarn to knit with this week, but instead, she went on the computer to look for doll stands. Now that our beds have moved into our house, there is a whole shelf left empty in the glass door bookcase. Mommy wants to put her small dolls in there, and decided she needed more doll stands so they would not fall over. But when she saw it costs about thirty dollars to ship doll stands to our address, on top of the price of the stands, she decided to make her own instead.

She found some lids left from our cat litter jugs, some mini popsicle sticks, dowels and our hot glue gun. Then, she went to the hardware store, and purchased some small bolt washer thingies.

First, she measured one of the dolls from the bottom of her feet to her crotch area. Second, she glued the bolt washer to the centre of the cat litter lid.

Third, she cut two 1 inch/2.5 cm pieces from the mini popsicle sticks. Then, she cut off the ends of more mini popsicles sticks about 3/4″/1.7 cm long, until she had four pieces the same size.

Fourth, she glued the dowel into the bolt washer. Then, she glued the two 1″ pieces to each side of the dowel, at the top.

Fifth, she glued two of the end pieces together, and then she glued the other two end pieces together. After that, she glued each of these pieces between the two 1″ pieces glued to the dowel. She was making a saddle shape for the doll to sit on.

Mommy made four stands today, three for her 8″ dolls, and one for her 10″ doll.

She painted two of the stands white and two of them brown. Here they are with their first coats of paint. When the stands are dry, Mommy is going to give each of them a coating of varnish to seal the paints, so none will transfer any colour to the dolls. She is going to put a “blanket” of felt or flannel over the saddle of the tallest stand, so the wood won’t snag her 10″ doll’s nylon stockings.

Here is a photo of how one of the dolls sits/stands on a stand. Mommy is really pleased with how her doll stands turned out!

12 thoughts on “Making a Doll Stand”

    • Thank you! It was a real experiment trying these stands, but I am very happy with how well they work and the way they look. 🙂

      Merci! Ce fut une véritable expérience d’essayer ces supports, mais je suis très satisfait de leur bon fonctionnement et de leur apparence. 🙂

  1. Genius! You are so clever and creative! The doll stands look great. Sturdy and supportive and I’m sure the coat of paint helps to bind everything together too. Job well done!

    • Thank you. The paint definitely helps. My experience with glue guns is that the glue can become brittle as it ages and then sometimes comes apart, so the paint will definitely help keep the stands together better. Also, painting helps ensure the wood does not damage the doll or its clothing.

    • I do not think it is rude to ask at all! When I post photos of items I have made, but don’t include the pattern, it is because the pattern is not my own, so I do not have the rights to post it. This snowsuit pattern is from a very old Patons/Beehive pattern book called, “Just for Dolls,” Book No. 179. It is no longer in print, but you can still find it online sometimes from sellers who specialize in vintage patterns. I adapted the pattern slightly to fit the Sasha babies as the dolls in the book are larger with much larger head sizes.

    • Thank you very much! I had to improvise because I do not have a lot of tools, and am hopeless when trying to cut wood shapes, but the stands turned out quite sturdy and work really well.

  2. C’est une belle idée ces supports pour y installer à califourchon les poupées, cela laisse libre les vêtements. Mais pour des grandes poupées comme les BJD qui sont fragiles, est-ce suffisant ?
    Avec ton système chaque demoiselle peut avoir son stand personnalisé !
    Bises et belle journée

    • Thank you for the compliment. I think this stand would work up to a Barbie size doll. Above that size, the base and dowel might be too light. You could use a wooden base and thicker dowel, but would have to find a circular fitting at the bottom to fit them, then. I think the idea could be adapted for larger dolls, but would take some looking around for materials. I do not have tools to drill holes and cut wood, unfortunately, which is why I chose to use the materials I did. 🙂

      Merci pour le compliment. Je pense que ce stand fonctionnerait jusqu’à une poupée de taille Barbie. Au-dessus de cette taille, la base et la cheville peuvent être trop légères. Vous pouvez utiliser une base en bois et une cheville plus épaisse, mais vous devrez alors trouver un raccord circulaire en bas pour les ajuster. Je pense que l’idée pourrait être adaptée pour des poupées plus grandes, mais il faudrait chercher des matériaux. Je n’ai malheureusement pas d’outils pour percer des trous et couper du bois, c’est pourquoi j’ai choisi d’utiliser les matériaux que j’avais. 🙂


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