Our House, Our House!!!

It came! Our house is finally here! We have 8 big rooms and doors that close, for us to have lots of privacy.

Mommy just put all kinds of loose furniture inside this week so we could see how it would fit, and to let us decide where each room would be. Michael wanted the top floor for his bedroom. We didn’t mind. We decided all our bedrooms would be in the left hand cabinet, and our living room, kitchen, bathroom and playroom would be in the other cabinet. We also decided that all of us girls would share rooms.

Joy: Well, Riley, our new house is here, but I have to tell you something.

Riley: Okay.

Joy: We need to share bedrooms, or there won’t be enough room.

Riley: Who am I going to share with?

Joy: Since you’re the youngest, we figured we would let you pick. We all love you, so it’s totally your choice.

Joy: Mommy says that after you pick, she will make the rest of our beds into bunkbeds like these ones.

Riley: What if I want to pick Luna or Sofia? Their beds are already bunk beds now.

Joy: Not to worry. It’s easy to move the beds around. You can still pick any of us you want.

Riley: It is awfully high up in the top bunk.

Joy: No problem. You can always have the bottom bunk. So, do you know who you want to share with?

Riley: I’m still thinking…

Oof! This thing is heavy.

I’m all worn out now. That was hard work.

Michael: No! No! NO!

Riley: What?!

Riley: But why?

Michael: Because I’m a boy. A man needs his own space sometimes.

Riley: I can be a man.

Joy: No, you can’t.

Riley: It’s not fair!

Michael: Aw, come on, Riley…You know I love you. But you can have more fun in a girl’s room.

Joy: If you share with one of us, Riley, you can put your dollies everywhere, and whenever you feel like playing with Michael, I’m sure he will let you come up to his room –

Michael: Hey! Wait a minute!

Joy: Shush, Michael!

Riley: I do love playing dollies with Vera…

Michael: Yeah, there you go –

Riley: Shush, Michael! I’m still mad at you!

8 thoughts on “Our House, Our House!!!”

  1. je voudrai voir chaque pièce, l’une après l’autre ! je suis enchantée de cette maison !
    qu’est-ce que vous allez vous amuser ! bien dormir et rire !
    demandez à votre maman une échelle ou … de vous fabriquer des ailes pour aller d’un étage à l’autre…
    vraiment, vous avez beaucoup de chance !!

    • We are really happy to finally have our house, Auntie C.. It will take a while to decorate it. Mommy says she won’t go into the storage closet until fall to get out our sofa, and Riley’s real bed, because it is too hot right now to move boxes around!

      Nous sommes vraiment heureux d’avoir enfin notre maison, Tatie C.. Il va falloir un peu de temps pour la décorer. Maman dit qu’elle n’ira pas dans le placard de rangement avant l’automne pour sortir notre canapé et le vrai lit de Riley, car il fait trop chaud en ce moment pour déplacer des cartons !


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