Stratford, Ontario and Chicago

Joy and I got to go to Stratford with Mommy this Wednesday, to meet up with Auntie S. and Uncle S., and go see the musical, Chicago. We met for lunch at Romeos Corner Café. Auntie and Uncle got there first, because there was a lot of traffic on the highways we had to take, but we got there eventually. The restaurant wasn’t very big, but we had the nicest waitress, and lots of food choices.

We hadn’t seen Auntie and Uncle for awhile, so we caught up on all the things we had been doing this summer. We told about our new house, and how Uncle P. put them together for us. Auntie showed us this pretty purse she bought recently. She bought a bigger one, too, which Mommy oohed over, but Joy and I think the little one is the best!

Oh, and I almost forgot to tell you – Uncle P. is bringing our house to us this Tuesday! We can hardly wait. We spent all weekend choosing which furniture pieces we want in our rooms, and Mommy went and got more paint so we can match some of the furniture to our bed colours.

After lunch, we went to the theatre. It is called the Festival Theatre and is kind of round inside and out. Lots of people were arriving for the show, so we had to line up to get inside.

Our seats were in the first row of the balcony, so we had to climb some stairs to get there. At the top of the stairs, there were these mannequins wearing some of the costumes from the Shakespearean plays the Festival Theatre has put on in the past. The clothes didn’t look very comfortable to us, but they were sure elegant.

You are not allowed to take photographs inside the theatre, but the usher was very kind, and let Mommy take this picture of Joy and me in our seat. The set was fabulous though, with circular stairways to a balcony, and when the show started, one of the stars came down from way up high on a swing. She looked beautiful, all sparkly, and she opened the show with the song and dance number, All That Jazz. The show was amazing with so many songs and dances and parts in-between, that Joy and I hardly noticed any time going by at all. We were surprised when intermission rolled around, and even more surprised when the show just seemed to suddenly end! We could have watched it all over again right away!

Back outside, we all went for a walk through the gardens right in front of the theatre. It was hot out, but the garden was so fresh and pretty, we had to visit it.

Aren’t these water lilies gorgeous?!

Auntie and Uncle went home after that, but Mommy took us down to the Avon River for a bit. We just sat on a bench to admire the river and the landscape. We wanted to walk over to the bridge, but Mommy said it was too hot, and we couldn’t stay that long because we had a long trip home.

It was very peaceful by the river. It was later in the day, so not many people were around. It was very quiet, except for the ducks by the water.

They were having their dinner. We got kind of hungry watching them.

So, we took one more look at them and the bridge, then set off for the two hour trip home.

After the show this week, Mommy was inspired to make a swing coat for our Sasha sisters. The musical, Chicago, took place during the era of prohibition, so the coat is sort of meant to be from that time, too.

Dorothy is modelling it here.

Mommy has not had time to type the pattern up, yet, because she just finished it this evening. She says it is kind of a detailed pattern, too, so it will be slow to type up. She is going to try and have it ready sometime this week though.

We told Mommy we wouldn’t mind having a coat like this, too. She says not to worry, she has gotten the hint…

Have a great week!

12 thoughts on “Stratford, Ontario and Chicago”

  1. Sounds like you all had fun on your trip to Stratford. I love the Swing Coat and the pleats giving it that “puffed out” look. The buttons on top of the pleats adds a nice touch. Looking forward to seeing the pattern.

    • Thank you for your compliments, Auntie R.. Dorothy loves her new coat! Stratford was great fun. Maybe next summer, we will get to go again. We love musicals!

  2. je pense que vous êtes très gâtées par votre maman !
    vous avez beaucoup de chance de l’avoir accompagnée au théâtre !
    donc… pour les manteaux, il faut accepter d’avoir de la patience, n’est-ce pas ???
    Il fait très chaud en France aussi ! et les enfants, ici… voudraient bien avoir des tenues… plus fraîches !!!!!!!
    on vous embrasse tous !!

    • It is really, really hot here, too, Auntie C., but we have air conditioning so Dorothy didn’t mind modelling the coat. Mommy says you are right about us being spoiled, but if we weren’t here to spoil, we think Mommy would be very lonely and bored!

      Il fait vraiment, vraiment chaud ici aussi, tante C., mais nous avons l’air conditionné donc Dorothy n’a pas hésité à modeler le manteau. Maman dit que tu as raison de dire que nous sommes gâtés, mais si nous n’étions pas là pour gâter, nous pensons que maman serait très seule et s’ennuierait !

  3. I loved the story and the pictures. The girls dresses are beautiful and I cannot wait to see their swing coats, Sasha’s is cute.

    • We are glad you enjoyed our recount of our day, Auntie C.. Stratford is really beautiful in the area around the theatre and the river. If it had not been so hot, we might have walked around more!

      Nous sommes heureux que vous ayez apprécié notre récit de notre journée, tante C.. Stratford est vraiment magnifique dans la région autour du théâtre et de la rivière. S’il n’avait pas fait si chaud, nous nous serions peut-être plus promenés !

  4. Merci les filles de nous avoir raconté votre journée, vous avez du bien dormir après une journée aussi remplie..Le manteau de Sacha est très beau et je vous comprends, vouloir un nouveau manteau hi!! il est vrai que la rentrée approche ainsi que les journées plus froides….Bonne journée…Bisous…Fanfan
    traduit avec Google : Thank you girls for telling us about your day, you must have slept well after such a busy day. Sacha’s coat is very beautiful and I understand you, wanting a new coat hi!! it is true that the start of the school year is approaching as well as the colder days…. Have a nice day… Kisses… Fanfan

    • Oh, Auntie F., we always want new clothes, even when there is no special occasion! I know that makes us sound greedy, but we just can’t help ourselves! Besides, there are so many of us, and we share clothes so in the end,we don’t really have that many clothes… 🙂

      Oh, Tatie F., nous voulons toujours de nouveaux vêtements, même quand il n’y a pas d’occasion spéciale ! Je sais que cela nous donne l’air gourmand, mais nous ne pouvons tout simplement pas nous en empêcher ! En plus on est tellement nombreux, et on partage des vêtements donc finalement on n’a pas vraiment beaucoup de vêtements… 🙂


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