Getting Ready

Our houses arrived on Tuesday at Auntie R. and Uncle P.”s house. Uncle P. started building one of them before Mommy even got to their house!

First, he laid all the little pieces out on the table to make sure they were all there. Then, Auntie R. and Mommy helped him by reading the steps out to him, and handing him the pieces as he needed them.

The hardest part was putting the doors on, and adjusting them so they opened and closed properly. Uncle P. is a very patient man though, so he took lots of care to get them just right. After he built one house, it was too late to build the second one that day. Mommy said that was all right though, because she still had to clear out the living room, where our house cabinets are going to go.

So, this week Mommy emptied out her craft bookcase, moved it into the spare room, and then refilled it with all the books. Now there is a big space in the living room for our houses!

Sofia: Remember all that pink last week, Michael! Look at our fridge now.

Michael: Wow!

Michael: This is going to look fantastic in our kitchen! But, what about the other kitchen stuff?

Sofia: They’re drying right this minute. Come on, I’ll show you where our houses are going to go in the living room.

Sofia: Wait a minute – What’s the cat house doing here?

Michael: I don’t think the cat house is the problem…

Sofia: Dorothy, why are the babies in here? Why is your kitchen where our houses are supposed to go?

Dorothy: I’m making the babies some cookies, and this open space was a wonderful place to put our kitchen. Isn’t it perfect? Oh, I have an extra cookie if you two want it?

Michael: Sure, I’ll take the cookie.

Sofia: Michael, don’t encourage them! Can’t you see the cookie is just a bribe?!

Mommy! Help! We need Uncle P.’s phone number right away! We have to get those houses here super quick!

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