Sofia: Look, Michael! Mommy gave up on the Regissor cabinet she wanted for our house, but instead, she bought us two of these Havsta houses! Mommy used a gift card Auntie S. gave her a long time ago for Ikea, and Uncle P. is going to put them together for us. Isn’t that great?

Michael: As long as I get my own bedroom, any house will do.

Sofia: And, wait until you see what else Mommy got us for our new house!

Michael: You have got to be kidding me! What’s with all this pink?

Sofia: Don’t worry. Mommy didn’t forget the house will have you living in it, too. She is going to paint over all the pinks. She has already bought some silver metallic paint for the fridge and stove.

Michael: Phew!

Sofia: Look, everything opens up, so we can put our food and dishes away.

Michael: How are we going to reach those cupboards? They’re kind of high up!

Sofia: So, we’ll get a ladder or a stool – quit worrying.

Michael: I can’t help it – all this pink is scrambling my brain.

Sofia: Here, we’ve got a dishwasher, a microwave and a few more cupboards. The oven even has two racks!

Michael: Whoop-de-do. Whose going to do all the cooking?

Sofia: We’ll take turns.

Michael: Do we have to? I’m okay if you girls want to do all the cooking…

Sofia: Keep dreaming, Michael – It’s so cute. Come on, I’ll show you something else Mommy got us that you’ll probably like better.

Michael: Now you’re talking! Is that Ninja turtle for me, too?

4 thoughts on “Finally!”

  1. So excited for the cabinet delivery! Looking forward to assembling it!
    I’m just as excited as the kids to see the dollhouse completed!

    • Can you tell how excited we are, Auntie R.? Was waking you up so early a big clue?! (Michael says he can help put the house together, too, but we told him we thought the materials would be too heavy for him to lift.)


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