A Couple of Weeks of Knitting!

Last week, Clara got a new pullover made for her, from wool gifted to us by her Auntie S., some time ago.

Of course, as soon as all her siblings saw it, they wanted new sweaters, too.

I pointed out to the children that even if I knit them sweaters right now, they couldn’t possibly wear them in this summer heat we are experiencing. Their reply: “But we have air conditioning!”

Needless to say, I spent most of this week knitting like crazy so there could be some peace in the house.

So…here we are with “Show and Tell” time!

First up, we have little Ona modelling a new fall jacket. The neckline is rather loose, but once we get a pretty scarf made, she will be warm and cozy.

Next up, we have Evie and Alvin. Evie is new to our home, but Alvin has kindly taken her under his wing to help her settle in. They both have contrasting buttons on their cardigans, because although I purchased buttons to match the yarn colours, I did not measure properly, and all the new buttons ended up being too large! Evie and Alvin assure me that they love their cardigans just the way they are.

The last sweater made this week is this one that Murray is showing off. It features a rib stitch that I discovered in a pattern book a few days ago, but which will certainly get used for more outfits as it works up so quickly and beautifully.

Both Clara’s and Murray’s pullovers have open backs with button closures, so they don’t have to struggle putting their sweaters on over their heads. There are always many hands around here to help with buttons, so no worries there…

There are still lots of skeins of yarn left, and an equal number of children clamouring for knits, so my needles are still clicking and clacking – thank goodness for air conditioning, or I would be the one sweating buckets!

14 thoughts on “A Couple of Weeks of Knitting!”

    • Thank you for your compliment. The pullovers are from a pattern by Sasha Secrets, who used to sell on Etsy…but I just looked, and can not find the site anymore. There were some lovely patterns, so that is a shame! The cardigans are from the pattern book, Sasha Dolls Clothing and Patterns by Chandler, Lewis and Votaw. It is an out of print book now, so very hard (and expensive!) to get. All of the sweaters I made are from basic patterns though, so if you can find a basic sweater pattern you like (Try Etsy or Ravelry?), you can do like me and just fancy them up with different stitch patterns. Not overly helpful I am afraid, but I can not share copyrighted patterns…I am sorry.

  1. Comme ils sont jolis tous ces tricots!!!!! Bravo et il n’y a pas si tu veux vêtir tout tes enfants il faut bien commencer même s’il fait chaud…. Merci pour les belles photos…Bonne journée…Bisous…Fanfan
    Traduit avec Google : How pretty are all these knits!!!!! Bravo and there is not if you want to dress all your children you have to start well even if it’s hot…. Thank you for the beautiful photos… Have a nice day… Kisses… Fanfan

    • Thank you for your lovely compliment. You are right, too, about starting early on the knitting for winter – there are so many “children” here, I do need an early start!

      Merci pour votre adorable compliment. Vous avez également raison de commencer tôt le tricot pour l’hiver – il y a tellement d'”enfants” ici, j’ai besoin de commencer tôt !

  2. Même s’il fait très chaud, il faut penser à la saison froide qui viendra d’ici quelques temps !
    Comme chez les grands couturiers, il faut penser à notre petite famille et prévoir les vêtements qu’ils porteront bientôt.
    De bien beaux tricots, bravo pour tout !

    • Thank you very much for your compliment. I agree, we do need to think ahead, especially when we have such demanding little ones in the house! 🙂

      Merci beaucoup pour votre compliment. Je suis d’accord, il faut anticiper, surtout quand on a des petits aussi exigeants à la maison ! 🙂

    • Thank you for your lovely compliment. I am afraid I can not give patterns for these knits as they are basic patterns by other designers that I have just fancied up with alternative pattern stitches. I do plan on making a pullover like Alvin’s for the Kruselings though, hopefully for next week’s post. 🙂

  3. Well, in my youth, summer time (and there was no such thing as air conditioning) was used to knit for winter. When it is cold it’s too late, isn’t it? So the girls (and boys) are right to insist.

    • You are right about the timing! There are so many little ones here, it would take me all winter to make something for each of them…But, I am still awfully glad for air conditioning! 🙂


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