The New Bath

Riley: What’s this?

Vera: Our new bathtub.

Riley: Where are the taps?

Vera: Mommy says she will put some in when we get our new house.

Riley: You’ve been talking about the new house for a long, long time…Are you sure Mommy is really going to get us one?

Vera: Yup. She checks the Ikea website every day. It’s going to come in to the store sooner or later.

Vera: And when it does, this big old tub is going to be great in the bathroom. There’s so much room in this thing, we could even play in a bath together if we want to.

Vera: Hey! Where are you going?

Riley: I’ll be right back.

Riley: Winston wants to take a bath with us, too.

Vera: No, no, this bathtub is only for people.

Riley: But look how happy he is!

Vera: He can be happy in his pond. I’ll take him back.

Riley: Poor Winston.

Michael: Hey! Cool tub!

Riley: Yeah, but Vera says it’s only for people.

Michael: Well, you know girls – they think they know everything. Come on in, you two.

Riley: I’m a girl…

Michael: Yeah, but you think like a boy – like me.

Riley: Oh. Is that good?

Michael: For sure. We boys have the best kind of minds.

Leysa: Theo is mad you left him all by himself, Michael.

Michael: Sorry, Theo, old chap. Come on in. You too, Leysa. There’s loads of room in here.

Leysa: Yay!

Ionna: Hey, what about me and Lizzie? We don’t want to be lonely out here by ourselves!

Michael: Come on in – the more the merrier!

Riley: Yeah, the more the merrier!

Vera: What on Earth are you all doing? That bathtub isn’t big enough for a horse!

Michael: Oh, oh, negative girl brain in the house…

Vera: If you don’t all get out of there right now, I’m telling Mommy!

Michael: You’re such a spoil sport, Vera.

Vera: Honestly, Theo, I don’t know what Michael and the girls were thinking…

Imagine a horse in a bathtub…

I mean really, what could be sillier, eh Theo? Come on, time for bed.

Lizzie: Neigh!

Alice: Arf! Arf!

10 thoughts on “The New Bath”

  1. Il s’en passe des choses chez vous ! on pense que les poupĂ©es sont toujours bien sage dans leur vitrine, mais dès qu’on ne les regarde pas, voilĂ  ce qui ce passe !
    Cette baignoire est très jolie ! vivement l’arrivĂ©e de la maison pour que tout ce que tu nous montres y prennent place !
    Merci pour cette petite récréation !

    • We can’t wait for our house, too, Auntie B.. There were some in Ottawa’s Ikea last week, but that is much too far away for us to get one, but we are hoping that means there will be some cabinets here soon…

      Nous avons aussi hâte d’ĂŞtre chez nous, tante B.. Il y en avait dans l’Ikea d’Ottawa la semaine dernière, mais c’est beaucoup trop loin pour que nous en ayons un, mais nous espĂ©rons que cela signifie qu’il y aura bientĂ´t des armoires ici…

    • Thank you, Auntie L.. :). Mommy has been looking for a bath for us for a few months, and when the Michaels craft store got this one in last week, she snapped it up!


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