A Dollhouse Week

It was a week where Mommy’s dollhouse got lots of things done for it! Mommy made all the curtains for the house in crochet.

Both the kitchen and the master bedroom have blue curtains to match the furniture in the two rooms.

In the children’s bedroom, there are both green and pink curtains so that the boys and the girls will all be happy. Vera picked the pink yarn, and Michael picked the green.

Originally, Mommy made tea dyed curtains for the living room, but they looked too dull, so she made bright yellow ones to replace them. She says we can have the tea curtains for our house if we want, or if we don’t, she will reuse them in a cabinet house she is going to make sometime soon.

(The cabinet we want for our house came into Ikea this week in the colour brown, but we want the white one. We’re hoping it will come in soon, too!)

In the bathroom, Mommy crocheted a mat for beside the bathtub. Then, she liked it so much, she made a matching one for in front of the sink. She also ordered a brass towel rack, but she hasn’t made any towels, yet, so it’s “air drying” for the dollhouse family for now!

Here is what the dollhouse looks like with all of its curtain in place…We can’t wait to see what kind of curtains we will get in our own house!

Mommy also ordered two other things from the miniature store – some canisters for the kitchen, and a folding screen kit. The bathroom and master bedroom don’t have a wall and door between them, so Mommy is going to put the folding screen in the space between the two rooms. Only, it is going to look very different from the way it looks in the kit photo.

First, it has all been painted white to go with the bathroom fixtures. On the side with the cut out parts, there will be cross stitched pictures in the cut out spaces, and Mommy turned the cut out stripes to the bottom of the screen so the panels won’t look top-heavy.

On the side facing the bedroom, there are painted ferns and flower buds, to go with the bedroom furniture.

We were a little upset when Mommy spent so much time on her dollhouse instead of playing with us this week, but then, yesterday, she brought home some real treats for us! She found all these great furniture pieces for us at one of the dollar type stores. And…we will get to choose all the paint colours for them, too!

It was Canada Day this past week, too, on June the first. Rié wanted to dress up for the celebrations, even though it was awfully hot here. We chose to just wear shorts and t-shirts, but we do think Rié looked very pretty for Canada’s birthday.

There were fireworks at night in the park across from where we live. We got to stay up late and watch them in our pyjamas from our living room window. Yay for Canada!

10 thoughts on “A Dollhouse Week”

  1. Just fabulous. The curtains are so pretty and give it a Spanish feel I think. Great furniture finds too. Your dolls will love it.

    • Thank you so much. I think you are right about the Spanish feel, too. My little ones are super excited about the furniture, and can’t wait for the painting to start… 🙂

  2. Happy Canada Day! The dollhouse is looking fabulous. I love the curtains. The yellow one makes the room pop. I can’t wait to see the folding screens when they’re done. They are starting to look great.

    • I hope Canada Day was a good day for you? We think the yellow curtains are a big improvement in the living room, too! The screen is taking awhile to make as the painting and cross stitch take some tie, but hopefully it will all glue together well in the end. We shall see… 🙂

    • Thank you. It is a wonderful house to decorate, and I am very grateful to my friend who gifted it to me. I am having loads of fun decorating!

  3. It is all so adorable! My sister and I had a beautiful dollhouse that my mom and grandpa built, but there’s not much of it left. I do have a few chairs that my grandma made somewhere. I’m going to go look for them now – they may just fit the Kruselings!

    • Wouldn’t that be lovely to have those chairs, and be able to use them for your Kruselings! I hope they will fit. If you still have the dollhouse, maybe you could renovate it? I still have a trailer a friend made for me when I was very young, but my tin dollhouse has been gone for 50 years!

    • Thank you! We enjoyed all the fireworks, and had fun just playing in the sunshine on Canada Day. Thank you, too, for your compliment on the dollhouse. It was a gift from our Auntie S., and Mommy just loves it!


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