A Lot Going On!

Auntie R. found someone who wanted our big sister’s bed this week. Mommy has been wanting to get it out of sister’s bedroom for a long time, but with the Covid restrictions, it has been almost impossible to get anyone to come and take the bed, for the last two years. (Don’t worry, our big sister has another bed at her own apartment.) Uncle P, and our cousins J. and N. helped take the bed apart so the person taking it, could fit it into his car. So, yesterday, Mommy went to Tim Hortons to buy some muffins and bagels as a thank you to Auntie, Uncle and our cousins for all their help. When Mommy got there, she enjoyed seeing new handles on the doors of the restaurant. Michael is mad that he wasn’t there to see them, too. Mommy has promised to take him with her next time, because hockey is one of his favourite sports.

Mommy pulled out lots of pretty materials from her fabric cupboard this week, and we thought she was going to make us some new summer dresses, but…they weren’t for us at all! Do you see the muslin squares in the photo? Mommy decided to start making a Cathedral Windows quilt. The bright colour fabrics are for the centres of the windows on the quilt. We were pretty disappointed, but I guess Mommy should get to have fun making things for herself, too, not just us.

Mommy mostly works on the quilt in the evening, because in the daytime, she is busy cleaning up the room that used to be our sister’s bedroom. It is called the “spare room” now. This is our sister’s bookcase that Mommy is storing for her, so until our sister wants it back, Mommy is using it to hold books, puzzles and crafting stuff.

This is the place in the spare room where the bookcase and sister’s dresser used to be. After Mommy finishes cleaning the wall and floor, she is going to move her craft bookcase into this spot. That is exciting for us, because our new house is going to go in the living room, where the craft bookcase is right now.

Mommy has a lot of craft books! The craft bookcase is really big, so when it gets moved into the spare room, there will be lots of room for our new house, which is also going to be really big! We still have to wait for Ikea to get our house back in stock first, though.

I like hanging out in the spare room while Mommy fixes it up. The top of sister’s dresser is a great place to sit and visit with the friends she forgot to take to university when sister went a few years ago. I am hoping she will let Robbie Turtle live with us for ever.

The other thing Mommy has been working on this week is a quilting project she and Auntie S. are sharing. Auntie S. dyed the background fabric this pretty blue, and she and Mommy have been taking turns adding different designs to it. They send the fabric back and forth in the mail, or sometimes they exchange it when they see each other.

We like seeing what Auntie adds each time she has the fabric. It is always a surprise, so we never know what she will send back to Mommy.

You are getting a sneak peek at the fishies and lily pads Mommy is adding to Auntie’s pond. She isn’t finished, but doesn’t this look like fun?! Sofia and I are thinking of making something shared, too, but we aren’t sure what we want to make yet. We have been learning to embroider and cross stitch, but we aren’t very good at them, yet. Mommy says we could write a shared story…we will have to think about it…

8 thoughts on “A Lot Going On!”

  1. What a beautiful project, this quilt!!! It looks very beautiful, the colors are beautiful. It’s a very good idea to work with Aunt S. Well done to you both.
    I love what looks like fireworks, is that it?

    • Yes, it is fireworks, Auntie E.. Mommy started the shared quilt with them to celebrate having finished her elephant cross stitch!

      Oui, c’est un feu d’artifice, Tatie E.. Maman a commencé le quilt partagé avec eux pour fêter avoir terminé son éléphant au point de croix !

  2. quelle merveilleuse idée, cette courtepointe “à 4 mains” !!
    mais quand elle sera finie… elle ira un temps chez elle et un temps chez vous ?
    pas facile ! donc… il faudra en faire une autre après !!!

  3. The “spare” room looks great! It was a pleasure to help. Thanks for the delicious Tim Hortons treats. We enjoyed them! The “travelling” quilt looks amazing! You and Auntie S are so talented and creative.


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