Vera: Did you hear a knock at the door?

Sofia: Yes. I wonder who’s there?

Hello. I’m Ms. Harrison. I’ve brought you the two Ukrainian refugees your Mom has offered to sponsor.

Ms. Harrison: This is Leysa and Ionna. They have come a long way to stay here with you.

Vera: Come on, girls. You must be hungry after travelling for so long. Sofia will put your suitcase in our bedroom.

Sofia: Wow! This suitcase is as light as a feather. Is this all you two have brought with you?!

Vera: Sofia is just bringing the food.

Leysa: Дякую

Ionna: Tank yu.

Sofia: Now that your tummies are full, would you like to draw with us?

Vera: I’m going to draw an Easter picture because the Easter bunny will be coming soon.

Vera: I can’t wait to go egg hunting.

Sofia: Me, too! I love chocolate. And it’s so much fun looking for the eggs on Easter morning.

Sofia: I’m drawing Li Jun playing with his ball in the yard. It will be fun when all the the snow goes away, and we can play outside in the sun again.

Vera: Leysa and Ionna, what are you two drawing?

Ionna: I draw Mamo and Tato and me.

Leysa: мій home.

4 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. pauvres petites filles !
    mais celles-ci ont la chance d’une nouvelle famille et d’une nouvelle vie…
    elles vont y trouver plein d’amour…
    je vous embrasse, les filles !


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