Waterloo with Auntie S. and Uncle S.

Monday was a great day for visiting in Waterloo. The rain held off, and it wasn’t too cold either. We were meeting Auntie S. at the mall for lunch.

Auntie said we should meet in front of Laura Secord, which gave us a good excuse to use the electronic mall map. Sofia loves watching the route appear like magic after you put in your search words. I let her do all the searching, because it doesn’t thrill me the same way it does her.

We got there before Auntie. We didn’t mind waiting though, because the scent of chocolate was enough to keep us happy!

Only, after a bit, we got kind of bored waiting.

Sofia asked Mommy if we could look around the mall a bit. She said okay, as long as she could still see us from where she was sitting. We went into Laura Secord first to see if they were handing out any free samples. They weren’t – 🙁

Sofia started walking around window shopping at all the clothing stores, but I thought the garbage cans were more interesting. They take garbage really seriously in Waterloo – I felt a little scared that if I used the wrong bin, there would be garbage police who would whisk me off to jail! Luckily, when we did have to use the bins after lunch, Mommy made all the choices.

After Auntie met up with us, we had lunch, and then Auntie invited us to go in her car to the quilt store.

We were excited to see if there was any monkey fabric left there, but when we arrived…the store was closed! They don’t open on Mondays. It was really disappointing for Mommy and Auntie especially, so Sofia and I pretended it was no big deal. After some discussion, Auntie drove us all to the Lens Mill store instead.

We got to ride in the buggy, and help Mommy choose some cool beads. She bought some yarn, and about a million buttons on sale. We also got to pick out some cat stickers to maybe put on our walls when we get our own house. (Ikea is starting to get stock in again – Yay! Mommy says she will go as soon as our house is there.)

We got to choose stick candy for both of us and all our siblings at home, too. Yummy! Thank you, Mommy!

After Lens Mill, it was getting later in the day, and we were going to meet Uncle S. for dinner. Auntie got a coffee, and bought us a cookie to share. We waited for Uncle at another mall near where he had been in meetings all day. It had washrooms, too, which we were glad about.

Auntie bought Uncle a beautiful piece of cake to have later when they went home. She always thinks of him when she is out shopping, especially when we are around food. We think Uncle S. must have a “healthy” appetite!

12 thoughts on “Waterloo with Auntie S. and Uncle S.”

    • It is pretty impressive, isn’t it?! We wondered if at first, people didn’t follow the labels much, but whenever we saw someone use the bins, they seemed to sort their stuff carefully. We think there should be bins like this everywhere, so that everyone just gets used to doing the right thing for our Earth. Then, when we and our friends grow up, we will still have a beautiful world to live in…

  1. très joli reportage sur ce centre commercial; les petites sont gourmandes
    J’adore lire les aventures de tout ce petit monde

    Bisous de France

  2. So much fun to go shopping in Waterloo and to visit with Auntie S and Uncle S.
    Next time, a trip to St. Jacob is in order. ( Ask Auntie R to go with you!)

  3. So funny, so lively, so lovely !!! These girls and your little stories are irresistible ! Thanks so much for making us smile with them

    • Thank you, Auntie L-C.. We sometimes wonder how interested anyone is in our little adventures, so we are glad you enjoy them with us. With Covid restrictions, it has been hard to go anywhere, so we try to have fun whenever we can!

  4. c’est amusant, votre visite au centre commercial !
    vous savez, je n’y vais jamais… il y a trop de tentations !
    je m’y perds un peu et il y a trop de bruits !
    je vois que vous avez été très sages, c’est bien, Maman vous remmènera…

    • Mommy does not take us to malls very often, Auntie C., because there are so many people there, she is afraid we will get lost. She does not shop in them that often either, unless she is going to a particular store in one. It was fun to be there with Auntie S. though, and Mommy says we were very good so yes, she would take us again!

  5. It’s been a long time since you’ve had such a nice long ride, in the shops, girls. I see you’ve enjoyed it.
    I see a pretty turquoise yarn in the shopping cart, is your mom planning to make you a new coat?
    Kisses to the whole little family.

    • We wish the yarn was for us, Auntie E., but it was for a sweater for Auntie S.’s doll Leah, which she has had since she was a little girl. But, Mommy is planning to make us something this week, so maybe next weekend, there will be a new outfit to show off here!


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