A Little Wager

Joy: I can’t believe it’s snowing again!

Michael: Yeah, and it’s freezing out again, too.

Joy: What should we do?

Michael: How about a little wager at the pool table?

Joy: What kind of wager? Neither one of us has any money.

Michael: Well, Mommy is going to Waterloo tomorrow, and she never takes more than two of us at a time. Let’s say whoever wins, gets to go on the trip, and decide who else gets to go, too?

Joy: You’re on!

Michael: You can go first. After all, you’re going to need an advantage.

Joy: Thank you. I will go first, not because I need an advantage, but just because you offered.

Joy: Oh, this is harder than it looks!

Michael: You’re doing all right, but you know you’re going to lose, right?

Joy: Not if I can help it.

Michael: Read it and weep, sister. If I make this shot, you lose big time.

Joy: You have to make the shot first, big talker.

Michael: Treasure! No!

Joy: Bad kitty! Get down from there!

Joy: Come back here with that ball, Treasure!

Michael: We mean it, Treasure! Right now!

Michael: Now what? How are we going to figure out who goes to Waterloo tomorrow if we can’t finish the game?

Joy: And I was this close to winning, too.

Michael: Yeah, right. How about a game of cards to see who wins the bet?

Joy: Perfect. I’m a card shark you know.

Michael: Ha! We’ll see about that.

Sofia: Should we tell them we already asked Mommy this morning if we could go to Waterloo with her?

Luna: No. It’s kind of fun to watch them wear themselves out for nothing.

6 thoughts on “A Little Wager”

  1. oh ! pauvres petits Joy et Michaël !
    c’est vilain, les filles… de ne pas les prévenir !
    mais je pense que Maman vous emmène chacun votre tour !
    pensez à ramener une surprise à ceux qui restent, n’est-ce pas ???

    • Oh, we know we were little mean Auntie C., but Joy and Michael didn’t include us in their wager either! We did bring back some yarn and pretty buttons, and a cat statue though, for everyone to share…Auntie S. bought us the cat!

    • Thank you, Auntie L.. We were a little mean, but then, Joy and Michael were also a little presumptuous thinking they should get to choose who goes to Waterloo, don’t you think?


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