Dear Mr. Putin,

I saw your tank crush a car with a man in it. It made me cry. Why would you let your army do such mean stuff?

Dear Mr. Putin,

I learned that some people believe in a thing called reincarnation. Do you think that in one of your former lives, you might have been a barbarian? Or, do you ever get the urge to grow a little black moustache?

Dear Mr. Putin,

I know you are really a president, but I can’t call you that, because presidents are supposed to be good people, interested in making the Earth a better place. You are not doing that, at all!

I don’t understand why you think it is okay to steal other people’s stuff…or, to tell so many lies…or, to hurt so many people. Didn’t anyone teach you right from wrong when you were growing up?

Dear Mr. Putin,

I was just wondering if you have hit your head any time recently? My friend hit his head hard, playing hockey one time. It made him act really crazy for awhile. The doctor said he had a concussion, and that is why he was acting so weird. Do you have a concussion, maybe?

Dear Mr. Putin,

Do you believe in evil? I do. Even if it is not like in horror movies, or comic books like with the Avengers, I think that there are evil people in our world. I just don’t understand why?

Riley: What are you doing, Chloe?

Chloe: I am writing a letter to a bad man, named Mr. Putin.

Riley: Why?

Chloe: You’re too little to understand.

Dear Mr. Putin,

Why did you start a war?

Dear Mr. Pootin, I know why you have poo in your name. You are a stinky man. I don’t like you!

10 thoughts on “Letters”

  1. The whole of my heart is with your little ones in these messages – and with you. It breaks my heart. How can the whole world, well, there world where there is free and open communication, watch this happen? We all need to stand with Ukraine – because, the bottom line is, Ukraine is standing for all of us.

    • We agree fully with you, Auntie D.. We don’t understand why Russia thinks this is okay, and every day, it gets harder and harder to watch the news. 🙁

  2. Today you make me cry, children.
    I hope that this very nasty gentleman will come to his senses very soon, but unfortunately, I don’t really believe in it.
    I kiss you very much, the children, as well as your Mom.


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