But Mommy, What About Us?!

(By the way, Mommy is going to post the T-shirt pattern on the left, here, soon…)

Mommy is still working on Baby Susanna’s wardrobe! We have been super patient now for almost three weeks, but we are getting tired of waiting for our new t-shirt! Mommy says not to worry, because Susanna’s clothes are almost done, and we are first on her list after that…we want to believe her, but…

Auntie S. sent Mommy all these beautiful threads, and now she is adding embroidery to Susanna’s last outfit. Just how long will that take, is what we want to know?

Here is what it looks like so far. We kind of like it. We just want our turn for something new. We haven’t had anything since Chloe got her Festive dress. That was soooooooo long ago!

Joy said we should do something fun to pass the time while Mommy sews. We decided to make hard boiled eggs in the Instant Pot.

We got a new steamer basket over the Christmas holidays, and Mommy bought a carton of eggs this week when she got groceries, so we had everything we needed.

It wasn’t hard to find a recipe. It looked pretty easy, too.

Getting the eggs into the basket was the hardest part. We didn’t want to break any. Sofia climbed into the basket, and I handed her the eggs one at a time, so she could place them down carefully.

Once they were in the pot, we just added a little water, and closed the lid up tight.

Sofia set the timer. Then, we just had to wait. It took about fifteen minutes for the eggs to be ready.

When they were finished cooking, the recipe said to put them in ice cold water for ten minutes. We didn’t have any ice cubes, but we filled the dish pan with cold water, and hoped for the best.

It worked! Look at our yummy egg!

Too bad, you aren’t here at our house…we would share with you…but, since you aren’t here, we’ll just have to eat all our delicious eggs by ourselves! Maybe, it will help us wait more patiently for Mommy to get knitting on our t-shirt?

6 thoughts on “But Mommy, What About Us?!”

    • Thank you. Susanna is still enjoying her dress, but all the eggs are gone – they were so yummy, we ate them all up really fast!

      Merci. Susanna profite toujours de sa robe, mais tous les œufs ont disparu – ils étaient si délicieux, nous les avons tous mangés très vite !

  1. mais… les enfants ! vous avez cuit TOUS les œufs de Maman !
    comment va-t-elle pouvoir vous faire de bons petits desserts ??
    mais c’était vraiment gentil quand même !
    Maman s’EXERCE aux broderies sur la robe d’une de vos grandes sœurs…, ENSUITE, ce sera pour vous, comme elle a dit ! Patience !!!
    on vous embrasse de France !

    • It is all right Auntie C. – Mommy can just buy more eggs…although, she did mention the other day that all the grocery money for this week was spent…oh, oh!

      Thank you for all your kisses from France. They do help, but really, it is time for Mommy to make good on her promises don’t you think?!

      Tout va bien tantine C. – Maman peut juste acheter plus d’œufs… bien qu’elle ait mentionné l’autre jour que tout l’argent de l’épicerie pour cette semaine a été dépensé… oh, oh !

      Merci pour tous vos bisous de France. Ils aident, mais vraiment, il est temps pour maman de tenir ses promesses, vous ne pensez pas ? !

  2. The embroidery on the dress looks pretty. Can’t wait to see when it’s all done. Eggs in the IP are fast and easy to make. Yummy!

    • We love the eggs we made, Auntie R.. We have eaten two of them already. There is a problem with the embroidered dress though – Gypsy Kat has seen it, and is claiming it is for her! She has sat beside Mommy all evening watching as the embroidery progressed, saying, “That’s mine, right, Mommy?!” every few minutes. We think Mommy is going to have to give in, and make a different dress for Baby Susanna, if there is going to be any peace in our house again…


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