A week of Tantrums

Winter hit hard this week, with temperatures in the minus 40’s and a big snowstorm from Sunday night right through to Monday night. Mommy said it was a good week to stay inside and work on the clothes for baby Susanna so she will be ready for the charity auction this July. She started knitting this sleeper set for Susanna last weekend, and baby was happy to be wearing it when the temperature dropped and 30 centimetres of snow came!

Then, Mommy used some new cotton yarn she had bought with Christmas money from Granny, to make Susanna a dress and sunhat set. Well…that’s when all the trouble started! First, Susanna refused to take the dress and hat off, even when Mommy told her she had to, so she could try on some pyjamas Mommy had made her.

Then, Gypsy Kat insisted Mommy had to make her a dress like Susanna’s from the teal green in the Christmas yarn packages, even though she was already wearing a dress made just for her. When Mommy said she would make her one, but she would have to wait until after all Susanna’s clothes were finished, Gypsy Kat gave Mommy the “cold shoulder.”

When that didn’t change Mommy’s mind, Gypsy Kat had a real melt down!

Next, Mommy started sewing some more clothes from fabrics she had cut out. Sadie offered to try on the pyjamas for Susanna, who still wouldn’t change out of her dress set. Luckily, they are the same size. But then, things got bad again – when Sadie found out Mommy was crocheting something else for Susanna, she got really mad! She thought Mommy was finished making for Susanna, and when she found out Susanna was going to get an outfit for every month of the year, Sadie stole Mommy’s crochet hook, and wouldn’t give it back!

Mommy went back to sewing. She did a zig zag stitch around the edges of a new rug she made so that later on, she can hem it properly. Then, she made another dress for Susanna, and started a top for her, too. Can you tell which months they are for? I know! The green dress is for September because it has leaves on it, and the top will be part of the February set, because it has hearts on it.

Mommy said to ignore Gypsy Kat’s and Sadie’s tantrums. She said they would get tired after awhile, and go find something else to do. She was right. After they figured out that no one was going to give in to them, they both went off to play with their toys.

I thought everything had settled down, back to normal, but then,…

…this happened! Riley got upset, because Sasha got a new top last week, and Mommy had said she was going to adapt the pattern to make one like it, for us. Riley thought we would get the new top this week, and she wanted to be the first one to wear it, but instead – well – you know who is getting all the new clothes this week…poor Riley! I guess tantrums are catching.

12 thoughts on “A week of Tantrums”

    • I bought it from Hobbii.com. It is a yarn company in Denmark. This is their rainbow cotton 8/4 which can use needles 2.5 to 3.5 mm. It comes in many, many colours, and also some packages like I have shown here. They are on sale at the moment, but I believe the sale ends soon – the end of January. I have ordered twice from them. The first order came very quickly; the second order is taking longer, but I believe they have been affected by Covid and are short staffed at the moment. Also, our mail system here in Canada seems to be somewhat erratic because of Covid, too. Regardless, the yarn is wonderful, and well worth the wait, especially at the sale prices. I would be ordering every colour if I could afford it! I used three skeins for the outfit, and that took about a half skein of each of the three colours, so it goes quite far, too!

  1. et bien, moi, je comprends ! ici, il y avait 8 enfants… et Maman n’a que deux bras !
    donc, vive les mamans travailleuses comme vous ! et que les enfants comprennent… qu’il faut savoir partager…

    • Thank you, Auntie C.. Mommy says we all have to work together to keep the peace in our house, because you are so right about the two arms thing!

      Merci, tante C.. Maman dit que nous devons tous travailler ensemble pour maintenir la paix dans notre maison, parce que tu as tellement raison pour le truc des deux bras !

  2. It’s not easy to manage such a big family, especially when there are several very young ones!!!
    Your Mom must be tired and despite all this, she costs and knits such beautiful clothes for you. You must be very nice to her.
    Bravo Cynthia for all your creations, I admire you.

    • Thank you, Auntie E.. You are right about the very young ones – they do have their moments! Luckily, Mommy has all us big kids to help her through!

      Merci, tante E.. Vous avez raison à propos des très jeunes – ils ont leurs moments ! Heureusement, maman a tous de grands enfants pour l’aider !


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