The Cats’ House

For Christmas this year, Mommy bought our big cats a new snuggle house. Riley and I helped Mommy put it together (Well, I helped and Riley danced around all over the place, but that’s a different story…).

At first, the kitties weren’t too sure they liked it at all. We finally figured out it was the hanging toy they were suspicious about, so we took it down.

The next time we looked, Callie was inside the house, exploring. Later on, she started napping in there. Verity was slower to like it, but once in awhile she goes in to explore. It is hard to get a photo of her though, because she runs out every time Mommy brings the camera!

Yesterday though, Michael decided because the cats weren’t using the house every minute of the day, it would be a great place to ride the new dirt bike Santa brought him. I set him straight, super quick!

But you know the old saying, “Monkey see, Monkey do…” About an hour later, there was Riley feeding her new doll in there. I helped her move all her stuff into the dining room.

It just kept going on like that for the rest of the day. I found Chloe next, playing with her train. She was pretending it was in the station. I told her it was time for the train to be off somewhere else.

Then, it was Vera and Luna, whose excuse was that they needed an enclosed space to make their zoo. I suggested they get some leashes for their animals.

Even Joy, who is usually so sensible, took a turn. She said she needed a quiet place to build her dinosaur, without everyone interrupting her. I kicked her out anyway. Our poor kitties shouldn’t have to share their new house with anyone!


“You can’t kick them out, Sofia. After all, Treasure is a cat, and if she wants to invite her friends over for a visit…”

12 thoughts on “The Cats’ House”

    • We are so happy to share our adventures and crafts with you and all our lovely, supportive friends, here on our blog, Edwige. It seems quite miraculous to have made so many friends all around the world through the small adventures of some little dolly people. 🙂

      Nous sommes si heureux de partager nos aventures et nos créations avec vous et tous nos adorables amis qui nous soutiennent, ici sur notre blog, Edwige. Cela semble assez miraculeux de s’être fait tant d’amis partout dans le monde à travers les petites aventures de quelques petites poupées. 🙂

  1. Sofia, tu es un amour de penser aux chats !
    les maisons sont si jolies…peut-être qu’un jour, les chats n’en voudront plus… n’est-ce pas ???

    • Oh, what a great thought, Auntie C.. You are right – after awhile the cats always get bored with their things, and then we will be able to use the house without feeling guilty at all! We are so lucky to have such a smart Auntie!

  2. I loved this post! Even though the house is for the cats, everyone is enjoying it. I love how Sofia tired to redirect everyone out of it. So cute.

  3. Merci pour cette tranche de vie dans ton monde des poupées ! Il y a plein de vie qu’on aime regarder à distance sur l’écran de notre ordinateur ou de notre téléphone.
    Merci pour cet intermède !

    • We are so happy you like our stories, Auntie B.. They aren’t “big” adventures, but we sure do have fun! 🙂

      Nous sommes ravis que nos histoires vous plaisent, Tante B.. Ce ne sont pas de “grandes” aventures, mais nous nous amusons certainement ! 🙂


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