A 2021 Retrospective

We have had a busy year, despite all the Covid restrictions. The kids got together this morning, and chose their favourite adventures of the year:

Riley loved whenever Michael was willing to share his infinite wisdom with her. She has learned so much from him this year, she feels positively brilliant now!

Vera loved becoming a big sister, and being able to help her little sister Riley through scary situations, like getting the Covid vaccination.

Joy was thrilled to go to Toronto with Mommy to visit the Ago and see her big sister, Auntie and Uncle.

Michael had a hard time choosing his favourite adventure, because he just loved getting his own doggies, meeting Riley, building a new Lego van with Theo and going to Waterloo, but in the end, writing and starring in his own movie won out!

Chloe had no trouble identifying an adventure she loved. Being a superhero was her all time favourite!

Sofia thought sitting by the water in Waterloo Park was so peaceful, she wants to go back again next summer, but this time, with a picnic basket.

For her favourite adventure, Luna chose playing in the park last winter with Vera, Murray and Heidi. Even though it was cold out, she loved having the attention of her big brother and sister, and the fun of sliding in the snow with Vera.

All the kiddies loved thinking about where their next big travel adventure would be to. With Covid still running rampant, they are having to make do with local happenings, but they don’t seem to mind at all. Just being together, having fun, seems to be enough for them.


We had quite a few patterns available on Small Doll Adventures this year. Do you remember these?

Michael got a new cardigan.
Luna and Chloe were toasty warm in their new coats. (Once Vera figured out the sandal thing, anyway!)
Luna was the first to wear the popular sunsuit. Now all the girls are clamouring for one.
Luna modelled her new crocheted dress and cardigan.
Baby Susanna was ready for fall temperatures in her coat and bonnet.
Michael loved his bright red coat with its hood.
Vera enjoyed wearing her new top and pants with their lacy accents.
Chloe celebrated the holidays with a little glitter and glam!
Caleb felt dapper in his v-neck cardigan.
Sofia enjoyed her mock cable sweater.
Vera loved the colourful buttons on her cape.
Baby Sasha was thrilled with her outdoor set.
Luna loved her sunshiny yellow two piece bathing suit.
Sofia picked the colour for her knitted coat and hat.
Riley loved getting a coat almost exactly like her big brother’s Michael’s. She thought it made them look like twins!
Sasha felt like a princess in her own lacy cardigan.
The Festive Dress, as made by our Auntie E.!

2021 was another year of fun, and we are all looking forward to more adventures with you in 2022.

From our family to yours:

Wishing you a very Happy New Year, filled with love, joy and peace!

20 thoughts on “A 2021 Retrospective”

  1. We can learn a lot from our elders. Riley is going to learn even more with her older siblings.
    For me too, 2021 has also been a year of fun coming to my home via the web. I really enjoyed your pretty and nice tutorials. I think I made almost all the clothes for the little Kruselings that I adore and that I adopted thanks to Aunt C.
    Thanks to you two.
    Happy New Year 2022 and above all good health.

    • We plan to keep you just as busy this coming year, Auntie E.! Keep those crochet hooks and knitting needles close by…We are grateful for your lovely compliments and photos this year, too, and wish you a wonderful 2022.

      Nous prévoyons de vous occuper tout autant cette année, tante E. ! Gardez ces crochets et ces aiguilles à tricoter à portée de main… Nous vous remercions également pour vos adorables compliments et photos cette année, et vous souhaitons une merveilleuse année 2022.

  2. je vous souhaite une année pleine de petits bonheurs et de gâteries que vous donne votre délicieuse Maman ! Soyez très sages et très gentils avec elle… comme ça, elle vous fera vivre de merveilleuses aventures !
    Plein de baisers de France !

    • It is thoughtful for you to want us to be wise and kind to Mommy, Auntie C.. We promise we will be! We send kisses from each of us to you to start your new year off, except for Michael who sends a hug instead, because he says kissing is yucky – silly boy!

      C’est gentil de votre part de vouloir que nous soyons sages et gentils avec maman, tante C.. Nous promettons que nous le serons ! Nous vous envoyons des bisous de chacun de nous pour commencer votre nouvelle année, à l’exception de Michael qui envoie un câlin à la place, car il dit qu’embrasser est dégoûtant – idiot !

  3. Ce fut une très belle année créative dans le monde des poupées aventureuses !
    Merci beaucoup pour ces très beaux modèles de vêtements !
    Tous mes voeux pour cette belle famille !

    • Thank you Auntie B.. We are so happy you like Mommy’s patterns and our adventures. And, we will carry your best wishes throughout this new year!

      Merci tante B.. Nous sommes ravis que les patrons de maman et nos aventures vous plaisent. Et, nous porterons vos meilleurs vœux tout au long de cette nouvelle année !

  4. Thank you for this lovely retrospective of your little ones’ adventures and for the patterns. I haven’t done them all but I will one day because they fit the dolls perfectly!

    • We are happy you like all Mommy’s patterns, Auntie L.. Now, you have lots to keep you busy in 2022! Mommy is already designing a new pattern for us to start this year off…

  5. Bonne année à tous…Bonheur, santé etc…Merci donc pour vos voeux et tous les modèles tricots et crochets que vote maman nous offre tout au long de l’année….Une autre année, d’autres petites histoires..chic!!…Bonne ojurnée Bisous…Fanfan
    traduit avec Goocle : Happy New Year to all … Happiness, health etc … So thank you for your wishes and all the knitwear and crochet patterns that your mom offers us throughout the year …. Another year, other little ones stories..chic !! … Have a nice day Kisses … Fanfan

    • We are always happy when people like Mommy’s patterns and our adventures Auntie F.. We are hoping our adventures in 2022 will all be exciting! And that Mommy will make us lots more clothes!

      Nous sommes toujours heureux quand les gens aiment les modèles de maman et nos aventures Tante F.. Nous espérons que nos aventures en 2022 seront toutes passionnantes! Et que maman va nous faire plein d’autres vêtements!

  6. All the outfits are adorable and everyone looked great but my all time favourite is Baby Sasha and her outdoor set.
    Happy New Year! Looking forward to all the new adventures 2022 brings!

    • Thank you for including all our friends in your new year’s good wishes. That is so kind of you, Auntie P.! Mommy is already thinking up a new pattern for us for this year, and we are thinking of new adventures we want to have and share, so we are sure it is going to be a fun year ahead…

      Merci d’avoir inclus tous nos amis dans vos vœux de bonne année. C’est si gentil de ta part, tante P. ! Maman est déjà en train de penser à un nouveau modèle pour nous pour cette année, et nous pensons à de nouvelles aventures que nous voulons avoir et partager, donc nous sommes sûrs que ça va être une année amusante à venir…

  7. Thanks for these lovely pictures and these lovely kids ! Wishing you a very very happy new year, may 2022 bring you happiness each and every day !

    • Thank you, Auntie L.! We wish the same for you this year. It is sure to be another adventurous year, and we are so glad you join you us for all our fun times.

  8. Very nice retrospective. All your little ones have been very spoiled this year.
    I loved their little stories, like Michael I couldn’t quite choose what I preferred.
    Thank you to you for giving me the opportunity to make your beautiful models, I never tire of it. I haven’t done it all yet, but it will come someday, at least I hope so.
    Happy New Year 2022, may it be filled with good things and above all better health.
    Kisses to all your little ones.
    Very big friendly kisses

    • Mommy has not finished some of her models, too…She keeps promising to make some of them again in other colours, Auntie E., but then she gets busy on a new pattern, and forgets!

      Thank you for your new year wishes. We are looking forward to more adventures with you this year. Kisses to you and your little ones, too, from all of us.

      Maman n’a pas fini certains de ses modèles aussi… Elle continue de promettre d’en refaire certains dans d’autres couleurs, Tante E., mais ensuite elle s’affaire sur un nouveau patron, et oublie !

      Merci pour vos voeux de nouvelle année. Nous attendons avec impatience d’autres aventures avec vous cette année. Bisous à toi et tes petits aussi, de la part de nous tous.

    • Thank Auntie C.. We hope your new year has started off beautifully, and we are excited to spend another year with you!

      Merci tante C.. Nous espérons que votre nouvelle année a bien commencé et nous sommes ravis de passer une autre année avec vous !


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