Mommy ordered us some food at, because it was on sale and because it is Christmas. The food arrived just today, and Vera and I helped Mommy unpack it all.

The food came in all these little packages, and the lovely seller sent us a Christmas gift, too! Mommy says it is a diffuser, but we just love that it is a role poly Christmas reindeer.

It was a lot of fun unpacking the food, because each package was another surprise. Vera didn’t help at first, because she was having so much fun with the reindeer, but I didn’t mind – I got to eat some French fries and have a soda before she even noticed.

So, here is all the yummy food we got. Mommy says we have to be careful not to eat too much at a time though, because a lot of them are sweets. Yummy!

10 thoughts on “Food!”

  1. comme ça… vous ne viendrez pas regarder ce que nous avons dans nos assiettes !
    ici, on a déjà Noisette et Grisette qui nous regardent avec des yeux suppliants, à croire qu’ils n’ont … RIEN dans leurs propres assiettes !
    Vous êtes des gourmandes et des coquines !!!

    • You are so funny, Auntie C.! Our cats think we never feed them, too, even though they are fat from all the food they get…We all share our food here, so there is enough for all of us, but not too much, so we don’t get greedy!

      Tu es si drôle, tante C. ! Nos chats pensent que nous ne les nourrissons jamais non plus, même s’ils sont gras à cause de toute la nourriture qu’ils reçoivent… Nous partageons tous notre nourriture ici, donc il y en a assez pour nous tous, mais pas trop, donc nous ne le faisons pas. soyez gourmand !

  2. Waouh!!! quel joli cadeau de noël…Mais votre maman a raison, il ne faut pas tout manger d’un coup…. déjà ce serait dommage d’être malade à Noël et puis j’aimerais en voir rangé dans votre cuisine….Merci pour les belles photos….Bonne journée et joyeuses fêtes….Bisous…Fanfan
    Traduit avec Google : Whoa !!! what a nice Christmas present … But your mom is right, you shouldn’t eat everything at once … it would be a shame to be sick at Christmas already and I would like to see some stored in your kitchen. … Thank you for the beautiful photos …. Good day and happy holidays …. Kisses … Fanfan

    • Happy holidays toy, too! We are probably eating too many sweets, but not enough to get sick…maybe enough to rot our teeth though… 🙂

      Jouet de joyeuses fêtes aussi ! Nous mangeons probablement trop de sucreries, mais pas assez pour tomber malade… peut-être assez pour nous faire pourrir les dents… 🙂

    • They really are cute and well made food pieces. When we get our own home with the kitchen, it will be fun to put the food away in the cupboards and refrigerator. We probably won’t put anything in the diffuser because of Mommy’s allergy to scents, but we like our role poly reindeer a lot. Right now, we are using him to store all the food. It makes his tummy rattle!


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