‘Tis the Christmas Season!

It’s December, and that means decorating for Christmas! Since this is Riley’s first Christmas with us, we decided to let her choose the daily Advent calendar block. It turns out though, Riley has a hard time making up her mind when there are more than two choices at a time. Chloe solved the problem by picking two different blocks each day, and then Riley gets to pick which of the two she wants. Smart Chloe!

Riley’s choice for today was the candy cane. She really likes hanging the blocks up. Mommy has to help give her a boost up, because the calendar hangs on the wall, but Riley likes that part of it, too. She says she feels like she is flying, just like Santa in his sleigh.

We are having a big Christmas tree this year. We are all helping to put it up and decorate it. Here, Michael and I are putting the skirt around the tree. I helped Mommy choose the skirt at the store. Isn’t it beautiful with its silvery snowflakes? I love snowflakes. Michael says it was a good choice because it can be girly or manly! I asked him how come it’s girly, but not boyly? He just laughed and made muscle arms at me.

Sigh…boys can be hard to take sometimes…especially when you’re trying to be good for Christmas.

Chloe and Riley are in charge of the reindeer this year. The three of them are very mischievous, so they need to be watched carefully.

We wanted to decorate the tree all by ourselves, but once we got started, Mommy decided we had to let Cora and Clara help.

It was probably the right decision.

Our tree is ready for the holidays. Mommy says we can start our letters to Santa Claus this week. I already know what I am going to write, but Michael and Riley are grumbling, because Cora and Clara say that if they ask for too many things, Santa will think they are greedy children and put them on the naughty list!

8 thoughts on “‘Tis the Christmas Season!”

  1. Comme d’habitude, c’est absolument adorable ! quelle belle équipe d’enfants si mignons ! Ils m’ont fait rire et donner le sourire pour toute la journée, merci à eux !
    Et j’adore le calendrier de l’Avent, quelle merveilles, ces petites broderies sont si jolie !

    • Thank you, Auntie L.. We love our Advent calendar, too. Mommy made it for us with the bunnies because bunnies are soft and cuddly. We are very happy that you like our decorating skills, too! It is always fun to know when someone enjoys our adventures as much we do. Hope you have a great week. We will be busy writing our letters to Santa.

      Merci, tante L.. Nous adorons aussi notre calendrier de l’Avent. Maman l’a fait pour nous avec les lapins parce que les lapins sont doux et câlins. Nous sommes très heureux que vous aimiez aussi nos compétences en décoration! C’est toujours amusant de savoir quand quelqu’un aime nos aventures autant que nous. J’espère que tu passes une bonne semaine. Nous serons occupés à écrire nos lettres au Père Noël.


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