Waterloo with Auntie and Uncle

Yesterday, we drove to Waterloo to visit with Auntie S. and Uncle S.. It was Auntie’s birthday last week, so we took her gift with us. We bought her tiny food and other things for her dollhouse, like a mini vacuum.

We all arranged to meet at a restaurant for lunch. We got there first so Michael and I did a little exploring around the restaurant parking lot. Autumn is almost over here, so we enjoyed seeing the last leaves and blossoms on the trees.

We climbed some trees to get a better look at the faded blossoms and leaves. I just love the shapes of these blossoms and leaf clusters. Michael just liked climbing.

After awhile, we decided to take a break from exploring, and just chat about what we wanted to eat for lunch? Can you guess what we had? Chicken, of course!

After lunch, we went to a small bookstore in downtown Waterloo. When the bookstore moved into the storefront, they found a hidden closet in the building. With the help of some book lovers, they turned it into a reading nook for kids. We found an interesting book on owls to read while Mommy, Auntie and Uncle browsed around the store.

Mommy bought a calendar for 2022. With Covid restrictions and supply issues, she has been looking for next year’s calendar, without success, for quite some time, so she is excited to have found one she likes. We like it, too, because the artwork on it is peaceful looking.

After the bookstore, Uncle went to read in the library and we went with Mommy and Auntie to visit the fabric store. On the way, we passed through the mall to use the washrooms, and visited Paris for a bit…hee, hee, hee.

Mommy did not buy much at the fabric store, but she did find this Christmas fabric to make some dresses for our Sasha sisters. I think it is pretty.

Speaking of Sashas, we have a new Sasha sister. Here she is with Hamish and Dennis. She is a wobbler, who is almost like a toddler, except she walks a little wobbly! Her name is Gypsy Kat, and she came all the way from Ireland. She used to live with a lovely lady named Kathleen, who rerooted her hair, and fixed her arms and legs. Dennis is smitten with her, but Hamish has fallen in love with her dolly for some reason!

While Dennis was showing Gypsy Kat around her new home, Hamish even stole the dolly! He keeps hiding it so she can not have it back – naughty baby!

Auntie S. had brought Mommy a sweet lamb when we met in Waterloo yesterday, so Mommy said Gypsy Kat could have the lamb to make up for Hamish stealing her dolly. The only thing is, the Lamby doesn’t fit in her doll stroller…

But it doesn’t matter, really. Gypsy Kat seems quite happy to carry Lamby around everywhere in her arms.

12 thoughts on “Waterloo with Auntie and Uncle”

  1. la campagne est belle aussi, vous savez, les filles… les couleurs jaunes des feuilles disparaissent en ce moment : elles deviennent brunes, il fait frais et les promenades sont agréables… Notre Maman nous promet aussi des cadeaux pour Noël… et un voyage à Paris pour voir Tante E. et les cousines parisiennes !!!

    • Oh, we love the countryside, too, Auntie C., for sure. Mommy says if we were rich, we would go everywhere! Your kids will have so much fun visiting their cousins and Auntie in Paris. They will have to take lots of photographs of their adventures! Christmas gifts are fun, but seeing friends and family is the best gift.

      Oh, nous aimons aussi la campagne, Tante C., c’est sûr. Maman dit que si nous étions riches, nous irions partout ! Vos enfants s’amuseront tellement à rendre visite à leurs cousins et tante à Paris. Ils devront prendre plein de photos de leurs aventures ! Les cadeaux de Noël sont amusants, mais voir des amis et la famille est le meilleur cadeau.

    • Thank you, Auntie L.. We think the dresses will be pretty, too, and we are hoping there will be material left over for a dress for us! The bookstore hidden closet is really cool! We had fun reading in there. We would have liked to spend all day in there, reading, but Mommy and Auntie had to go to the fabric store, of course. Still…Mommy says maybe we can go there again sometime…

  2. Hello children,
    I see you still had a nice walk and put on your nice coat. Your cousin, Vassiliki got the same one today.
    Just like you, I love trees especially in the fall, the colors are so beautiful.
    Your Mum has found a very nice fabric.
    Have you had the joy of visiting Paris, if not, you might come one of these days. It’s a very beautiful city that I love, hihihi.

    • If we ever get to Paris for real, Auntie E., you will have to let our cousins show us around! We saw Vassiliki’s new coat. She looks beautiful in it. We girls like the new fabric, but we are disappointed it is for Sasha, not us, but Mommy said we should not be greedy, because Santa will be bringing us some new things soon. Do you like trees inthe winter, too? We like when they are all shiny with ice and snow!

      Si jamais nous arrivons à Paris pour de vrai, Tante E., il faudra que nos cousins nous fassent visiter ! Nous avons vu le nouveau manteau de Vassiliki. Elle est magnifique dedans. Nous, les filles, aimons le nouveau tissu, mais nous sommes déçues que ce soit pour Sasha, pas pour nous, mais maman a dit que nous ne devrions pas être gourmands, car le Père Noël nous apportera bientôt de nouvelles choses. Vous aimez aussi les arbres en hiver ? On aime quand ils sont tous brillants de glace et de neige !

      • But of course your cousins would show you around Paris !!! They would be delighted, but unfortunately they do not speak or understand English.
        Have you written to Santa Claus for gifts?

        • Not to worry about the language issue, Auntie E., because Mommy says we will never actually make it to the real Paris anyway…so, we will just have to continue to be friends online where translations are easy! Mommy is going to get the Christmas mailbox out next week, so we are thinking of what to put in our letters!

          Ne vous inquiétez pas pour le problème de la langue, tante E., parce que maman dit que nous n’arriverons jamais dans le vrai Paris de toute façon… alors, nous devrons simplement continuer à être amis en ligne où les traductions sont faciles ! Maman va sortir la boîte aux lettres de Noël la semaine prochaine, alors on réfléchit à quoi mettre dans nos lettres !


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