The Attack of the Beastie!!!

Rickie came over this week, and we all filmed Michael’s movie script. It was great fun, and we are certain Michael will win an Oscar in the short film category!

We can’t show you the whole film because Michael and Rickie have sent it off to a producer, but here is a synopsis, showing the highlights of the movie:

In a kingdom far away, six beautiful princesses (that’s us!) were playing outside one day.

On a hilltop close by, the bravest knight in the kingdom, Sir Michael, watched over them.

Everyone was having fun, but alas, little did they suspect…

Just as Princess Luna bent over to retrieve her pebble, a monstrous beastie appeared!

The princesses were frightened! Crowns were lost, princesses tried to flee, and the littlest one fainted.

“Fear not, princesses!” cried Sir Michael, as he rode his trusty steed before the beastie. “I will save you all.”

A long battle took place. Sometimes it looked as if the beastie would win, and…

…at other times, it looked as if Sir Michael would prevail. The battle raged on for hours until…

…the beastie knocked Sir Michael’s sword from his hand!

Sir Michael was at the beastie’s mercy, and it looked as if he was about to become dinner!

The princesses watched in horror as the beastie licked Sir Michael’s face, but then, Princess Joy shouted, “This is ridiculous! We’re not helpless wimps. Come on sisters, attack!”

The brave princesses jumped on the beastie and wrestled him to the ground. Yay! The battle was won.

The poor beastie was sent to jail until he learned his lesson not to eat people.

Brave Sir Michael proposed to Princess Chloe, and she accepted. All the other princesses got to be her bridesmaids so they didn’t mind. From then on, Sir Michael and the princesses all kept the Kingdom safe together, and everyone live happily ever after.

The cast, from left to right:

Rusty the Trusty Steed, Princess Vera, Princess Chloe, Director and Cinematographer Rickie, Princess Riley, Sir Michael, Princess Luna, Princess Sofia, Princess Joy, Bowzer the (Friendly) Beastie.

14 thoughts on “The Attack of the Beastie!!!”

  1. Michaël will win the Oscar for best screenwriter for his short film, that’s for sure. And you girls, a Caesar for your interpretation and the help given to this valiant knight, Sir Michael.

  2. et voilà pourquoi il faut être nombreuses à se coaliser pour vaincre la bête ! seul… le chevalier aurait été mangé ! et vive les filles ! vive les courageuses princesses qui m’ont fait passer un très bon moment !!!

    • Thank you, Auntie C.. We agree, it is always better to work together. It makes it much easier to be brave!

      Merci, tante C.. Nous sommes d’accord, c’est toujours mieux de travailler ensemble. Il est beaucoup plus facile d’être courageux!

    • Thank you, Auntie C.. Imagine going up against a big beastie all by yourself? Sir Michael really was courageous to try, but we are glad we were there to help when he needed it!

      Merci, tante C.. Imaginez-vous affronter une grosse bête toute seule ? Sir Michael a vraiment eu le courage d’essayer, mais nous sommes heureux d’avoir été là pour l’aider quand il en avait besoin!

    • Oh, thank you, Auntie B.. Wouldn’t that be something?!!!!! Michael and Rickie will invite you to the awards show if they win, for sure!

      Oh, merci, tante B.. Ne serait-ce pas quelque chose ? !!!!! Michael et Rickie vous inviteront à la remise des prix s’ils gagnent, c’est sûr !

    • Thank you, Auntie P.. We were glad Michael didn’t make us act wimpy in the end because really, girls can be just as brave as boys, of course. If Michael and Rickie get nominated for an Oscar, we will invite you to the show!


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