A Quiet Week

Mommy is still taking things easy, so we stayed home mostly this week, and worked on our costumes for Michael’s movie.

We made our tiaras (Though Joy says they are really crowns because they fit around our whole heads!), and we are still trying to convince Mommy to make us some princess dresses. So far, she is saying, “You have enough dresses, surely you can all find something to wear,” but we are not giving up yet. We love our crowns, but every time Michael looks at us wearing them, he sighs, and scratches out more on his film script.

We helped Michael make his costume, too. (He was happier about our princess crowns after he got his helmet and sword.) He thinks the plume on his helmet makes him look very authentic. Now, if he would only finish his script, we could start having some fun practicing it…We offered to help him write it, but he says we would put in too much silly stuff, so we can’t help.


Some new people came to live at our house this week.

These are two Paola Reina kids who came all the way from Spain! We haven’t really got to know them very well, yet, because we don’t speak Spanish, and they are just learning to speak English…We tried to google translate some things to say to them, but they laughed so hard at our bad accents, we gave up. They say a lot of things in Spanish between themselves, but when they see us, they try out their English skills. They are learning pretty fast! They both need warmer clothes though, because summer is pretty much over, here. We sure hope Mommy will cave in, and make us some princess dresses before she starts making them new clothes!

This is the other new person. She is a Sasha, but she wants to change her name. She is thinking hard about what she wants to be called from now on, but has not made her decision, even though we keep giving her lots of suggestions.

We aren’t sure if she is going to stay living here with us. She might join baby Susanna for the Sasha Festival auction next year. Mommy says there is lots of time for Sasha to decide her new name and whether she wants to stay here or go to the Festival. The only thing is, as you can see, here is another person who needs some new clothes…we are starting to think we just might have to make our own princess dresses…sigh.

10 thoughts on “A Quiet Week”

  1. que d’enfants ! (et je sais ce que c’est !!!) je comprends que vous vouliez passer avant… mais vous savez… ça prend du temps de faire des vêtements… et avant, il faut fouiller dans ses tiroirs… vous ne voulez pas TOUTES la même robe quand même ? alors… il faut être patientes, les filles !!! ici, vos cousines ne demandent plus grand chose… mais elles aiment être changées par des petites mains !!
    je vous embrasse !

    • You are right…we are being kind of greedy, but you know, we don’t have any princess dresses here at all! Do any of your girls have a princess dress? There are no little hands here to help us make any so we have to rely on Mommy, but maybe, we will try and make some ourselves…

      Vous avez raison… nous sommes un peu gourmands, mais vous savez, nous n’avons pas du tout de robes de princesse ici ! Est-ce que certaines de vos filles ont une robe de princesse ? Il n’y a pas de petites mains ici pour nous aider à en faire donc nous devons compter sur maman, mais peut-être que nous essaierons d’en faire nous-mêmes…

  2. How lovely it is to see the circle of the family to widen. I’ sure the mini Paola Reina will get on very well with the Krüselings. Mine do!

  3. Your tiaras are super beautiful, girls, well done, you have done a good job!
    Ah boys, they do not know how to appreciate what other people wear until they have been served !!!
    Small question, Cynthia. Do the Paola minis have a body similar to that of the Kruselings?
    I hope you are not too tired and that you will soon be in good health.
    Friendship, kisses

    • Thank you, Auntie E., for your lovely compliment. We love our tiara crowns. It is true what you say about boys, too! Mommy has not undressed the minis, yet, but they look chubbier than we are. They are about our height though. She says to tell you, she will take some photos and send them to you later today.

      Merci, tante E., pour votre adorable compliment. Nous aimons nos couronnes de diadème. C’est vrai ce que tu dis sur les garçons aussi ! Maman n’a pas encore déshabillé les minis, mais ils ont l’air plus potelés que nous. Ils font à peu près notre taille. Elle dit de vous dire qu’elle prendra des photos et vous les enverra plus tard dans la journée.

  4. Très jolies couronnes!!! en effet avec celles-ci il leur faut vraiment une robe de princesse…le casque de Mickael est lui aussi fort joli…de nouvelles poupettes sont arrivées chez toi..;donc de nouvelles tailles de vêtement.;et la belle Sasha attend elle aussi il fait froid maintenant pour rester nue…vite une petite robe….Merci pour les belles photo…Bonne journée…Bisous…Fanfan
    traduit avec Google : Very pretty wreaths !!! indeed with these they really need a princess dress … Mickael’s helmet is also very pretty … new dolls have arrived at youu ..; therefore new sizes of clothing.; and the beautiful Sasha is also waiting, it’s cold now to stay naked … quickly a little dress …. Thank you for the beautiful photos … Have a nice day … Kisses … Fanfan

    • Oh, Auntie F.! Don’t encourage Mommy to make clothes for the new kids! We really want our princess gowns, and now she is thinking of them all being too cold, and we know what that means! Thank you for your compliments about our tiara crowns and Michael’s helmet. We are pleased with how they all turned out, too. We hope you have a great day, too. It is pouring rain here so maybe Michael will stick with his film script writing and get more done, instead of running off to play with his new friend Ricky at the park.

      Oh, tante F. ! N’encouragez pas maman à confectionner des vêtements pour les nouveaux enfants ! Nous voulons vraiment nos robes de princesse, et maintenant elle pense qu’elles sont toutes trop froides, et nous savons ce que cela signifie ! Merci pour vos compliments sur nos couronnes de diadème et le casque de Michael. Nous sommes également satisfaits de la façon dont ils se sont tous déroulés. Nous espérons que vous passez également une bonne journée. Il pleut à verse ici, alors peut-être que Michael s’en tiendra à l’écriture de son scénario de film et en fera plus, au lieu de courir jouer avec son nouvel ami Ricky au parc.


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