While I Have Been Recuperating…

The fall season has been arriving over these past few weeks…

The leaves are starting to turn orange, yellow and red, and the squirrels are gathering nuts for the long winter season.

The weather is less predictable, with cool days mixing in with the hot, and the garden flowers where we live, have been switched out to colourful fall mums.

At home, I finally finished a crocheted sundress for Sasha, that has been in the works for a few months. It is a little late for this summer, but Sasha likes it anyway.

Auntie E.’s little rug arrived at her home, where her little ones put it in front of their beautiful fireplace to help keep their feet warm this winter.

My own little ones have had to amuse themselves, while I have been resting, but they have done a good job of it, with very few squabbles. Their usual abundance of energy has kept them outside mostly, playing with the dogs and each other, but yesterday was rainy, so they had to find things to do inside for a change.

Luna: Whatcha doing, Michael?

Michael: I’m writing a screenplay. My new friend Ricky has a camera, and we’re going to film a movie once I have the script ready.

Luna: Cool! Who’s Ricky?

Michael: A guy I met at the park. We played basketball together, and now we’re friends.

Luna: Where’s he from?

Michael: I don’t know. He’s a big kid so he goes to a different school than us.

Luna: How old is he?

Michael: I don’t know. Maybe a couple of years older than us. But he’s really cool.

Luna: What’s your film going to be about? Does Mommy know you’re using one of her good pens?

Michael: She won’t care! This is important stuff. If our film is good enough, we might win an academy award!

Luna: I kinda think…

Michael: Listen to this! “Brave Sir Michael and his brave dog ride through the forest. Suddenly, a huge beast jumps out of the trees, and…”

Michael: “Sir Michael slashes his sword in the air!”

Luna: That’s it? That’s all you’ve got?

Michael: Well, I only just started an hour ago.

Luna: It took you an hour to write that?

Michael: Anyway, you guys can all be in the film, too. I’m the star, of course, and Ricky is the director and camera man, but we need lots of people to make the film exciting.

Luna: Oh wow! If you ever get it finished, that would be so much fun!

Luna: Hey, Chloe, Riley! Michael’s making a film and he says we can all be in it.

Chloe: Do we get to dress up?

Michael: For sure – you can all be princesses or something.

Chloe: Ooh, can I wear a tiara? I love tiaras.

Michael: I guess. Now, leave me alone. I have to do more work on my script.

Chloe: Let’s go tell the others!

Luna: I wonder if Mommy would make us new costumes to wear in the film?

Chloe: We could ask. I just hope all our sisters don’t expect to wear a tiara, too.

Luna: Hm, they might…

Chloe: Well, we’ll just have to get Michael to tell them no, because you can’t have six princesses in one film. That would be ridiculous.

Riley: Do I get to be in your film too, Michael?

Michael: Sure, Riley, but right now you have to let me get back to writing my script.

Riley: Okay. I’ll just watch you work. I won’t make any noise. I promise.

Michael: Great!

Riley:……………………..can I wear a tiara, too?

Michael: (Sigh) Yes.

Riley: Yay! I love you, Michael.

Michael: Go play.

8 thoughts on “While I Have Been Recuperating…”

  1. Oh comme je suis heureuse de revoir votre Maman. Le enfants, continuez à être bien sages pour qu’elle puisse se reposer encore et nous raconter de belles histoires.
    J’attends ton film avec impatience, Mickaël.
    Tante E est ravie du joli tapis que votre Maman a brodé. Les petites n’oublieront pas de disposer leurs pantoufles autour pour que le Père Noël ne les oublie pas !
    Bisous à toute la famille.

    • We are glad Mommy is starting to feel better, too. My movie is going to be spectacular! I just need to figure out how to make a part for all my sisters without having to have six princesses…

      We love your fireplace with all its little owls. It is a good thing Santa Claus loves animals so he doesn’t get scared when he comes to your house. Maybe your girls could ask Santa to bring them a brother?! That would be a good idea! Love, Michael

      Nous sommes heureux que maman commence à se sentir mieux aussi. Mon film va être spectaculaire ! J’ai juste besoin de trouver comment faire un rôle pour toutes mes sœurs sans avoir à avoir six princesses…

      On adore votre cheminée avec tous ses petits hiboux. C’est une bonne chose que le Père Noël aime les animaux pour qu’il n’ait pas peur quand il vient chez vous. Peut-être que vos filles pourraient demander au Père Noël de leur amener un frère ?! Ce serait une bonne idée ! Amour, Michel

  2. oui ! moi aussi, je crois que tu peux le faire ! (en fait, je suis surtout impatiente de le voir !!) Je te souhaite du courage, l’aide de Maman et… de la patience et persévérance avec tes sœurs, leurs idées de princesses et de diadèmes !!!

    • Thank you, Auntie C.! It makes me feel good to have so much support, and you are right, all the girls care about are princesses and tiaras! I don’t know how I am supposed to write them all a good part when they just want to dress up, not really act, but I’ll try…

      Merci, tante C. ! Cela me fait du bien d’avoir autant de soutien, et vous avez raison, toutes les filles se soucient des princesses et des diadèmes ! Je ne sais pas comment je suis censé leur écrire un bon rôle quand ils veulent juste s’habiller, pas vraiment jouer, mais je vais essayer…

    • We love our round table. It was a Christmas gift from Mommy last year, and we use it all the time. We like that it is round because we can all see and talk to each other at once!

    • Well, it might take me a while to get it written, Auntie R., but when it’s done, it’s going to be a masterpiece! I’m pretty sure my sisters don’t believe me, but I know you do, so thank you!


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