The Progress of Michael’s Coat

Mommy started a coat for Michael this week, but even though it is finished, she says the pattern needs adjusting.

When she was making it, she increased stitches to give Michael room in the coat to move around, but when it was all done, the coat ended up being too wide at the bottom edge. Mommy says it looks more like a girl’s coat. In the first photograph, you can see how wide the hem looks. In the second photo, Mommy has pulled the fabric back some, and the coat looks better on Michael.

But Mommy is pleased with some of the things, like the pattern stitch, the hood and the length. She says she is going to make another coat for Michael, adjusting the width, and then she will share the pattern with you.

(Riley is also going to need some warmer clothes to wear under her new coat!)

In the meantime, Riley is happy! With the sleeves rolled up a bit, the coat fits her just fine. She can’t wait for winter now so she can go outside and play in the snow. We told her not to wish the summer away though. The cold weather will come soon enough!

Mommy has also been working on Auntie E.’s rug this week. She is starting the border, and will do some backstitching around the blocks after that. It should be finished in a few more days…

12 thoughts on “The Progress of Michael’s Coat”

    • Thank you, Auntie R.. We are so happy that you gave us these nice compliments, but Michael says to tell you that he is glad Mommy is going to make him a coat that doesn’t make his look like a girl!

  1. qu’elle est touchante, la petite Riley, je suis sûre qu’elle a consolé son grand frère avec un joli sourire…
    merci pour ces beaux partages !!!

    • Michael doesn’t mind – He says it is much too hot for a coat anyway right now. But Riley, even though she is sweating terribly, won’t take her new coat off!

      Cela ne dérange pas Michael – Il dit qu’il fait beaucoup trop chaud pour un manteau de toute façon en ce moment. Mais Riley, même si elle transpire terriblement, n’enlève pas son nouveau manteau !

  2. Superbe le tapis!!!! Bravo… Ouf Mickaël n’était pas devant l’écran sinon il serait encore plus pressé d’avoir son manteau, il est vraiment très beau, plus “droit” il ira très bien….Merci d’avance…
    Bonne journée Bisous…Fanfan

    • We are glad you like the rug, too. It will be finished in another day or two. Michael is not worried because it is still hot out here. Hd wouldn’t even change into long pants to try the coat on! Mommy says the pattern will be ready soon, too, but not until the rug is done. Have a good week, Auntie F..

      Nous sommes ravis que le tapis vous plaise également. Il sera terminé dans un ou deux jours. Michael n’est pas inquiet car il fait encore chaud ici. Hd ne voulait même pas se changer en pantalon long pour essayer le manteau ! Maman dit que le patron sera bientôt prêt aussi, mais pas avant que le tapis ne soit terminé. Bonne semaine, tante F..

  3. Maman a encore bien travaillé ! Ce manteau est très joli grâce au point fantaisie.
    Il n’est pas perdu car vous êtes plusieurs filles à la maison, Michael doit faire preuve de patience.
    Si ma Katy avait un frère, je tricoterai le patron du premier manteau jusqu’à la taille, puis quelques rangs de côtes 1/1 pour en faire un blouson.
    Merci d’avance pour les explications des manteaux.
    Le tapis est superbe, c’est une bonne idée pour le décor de votre maison.

    • That is a good idea about using the other coat partway, but Michael wanted something completely different. He says he is tired of everything being about girls in this house! What a silly boy he is. The rug is almost finished, and we hope Auntie E. will love it very much. The coat patterns will be done soon so maybe Katy will want another one, too!

      C’est une bonne idée d’utiliser l’autre manteau à mi-chemin, mais Michael voulait quelque chose de complètement différent. Il dit qu’il en a marre que tout tourne autour des filles dans cette maison ! Quel garçon idiot il est. Le tapis est presque terminé et nous espérons que tante E. l’aimera beaucoup. Les patrons de manteaux seront bientôt terminés, alors peut-être que Katy en voudra un autre aussi !

  4. I really like your brother’s coat. But, it is true that the style suits Riley better.
    The carpet is beautiful, Aunt E is going to be very happy. Thanks to your Mom.

    • Mommy has finished the rug’s border and is working on the backstitching now. Then, she will hem the rug, stitch the edging, and it will be ready to mail! We like the coat, too, and Chloe is trying to convince Mommy to make it for her in another colour, but Mommy says Michael’s coat comes first…

    • Thank you! When Mommy posts the pattern, we will make sure she posts this pattern, as well as the one she changes some for Michael, because the coat she has made would look good on all of us girls, too!


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