Wednesday in Waterloo

We went to Waterloo this past Wednesday to see our Auntie S.! We were so excited because with all the Covid lock downs, we had not seen her for a year! We met in a parking lot in downtown Waterloo.

Auntie brought us some tables and chairs for our bedrooms in our new house. Mommy is going to paint them for us. Then, we went into a mall across from the parking lot, and Auntie S. bought some things from a bakery there. We had to wait until we went for lunch to see what she had bought. We were good, and didn’t bug her to show us what she had in her bag, even though we were just about busting our guts with curiosity!

Yum!!!!!! Only, they weren’t for us…We just hope Auntie and Uncle enjoyed their treat, because we went home practically starving! Ha, ha, ha…not really. We had ice cream for a treat after lunch. Mommy says sometimes we are just little “drama queens.”

After lunch, we went to a store called Lens Mills. It is a funny store, because it sells just about everything, even though it advertises itself as a fabric store. We looked at yarns, fabric, kitchen accessories, furniture, clothing – all kinds of stuff. Mommy and Auntie both bought some fabrics. We wanted some candies, but for some weird reason, the store people put the candy display right before the door to go outside. By then, everyone has already been through the cash, and would have to go back through the store to pay again. Even we know that is not a very smart way to sell something…

When we came out of the store, Auntie went to buy a coffee, and we waited for her on our car. After awhile, we got bored, so we snooped to see what Auntie had in her car. We couldn’t see much, except we discovered Auntie’s car is a lot cleaner than ours. Mommy says that is because Auntie doesn’t have little people like us messing up her seats with their sticky fingers. Sometimes, Mommy is not funny at all.

When Auntie came back, we went to a nearby bakery. It was really hot outside, 40 degrees celsius with the humidity, but we stopped to get our picture taken anyway.

We had to wait in the lobby of the bakery for our turn to look at all the food. We didn’t mind, because there was lots to see and do.

The final part of our visit with Auntie was spent at a park. We walked a path through the trees to find this running stream at the end of it. The water sounded beautiful, and we spent a little time admiring how pretty it looked, too. But after a bit, we had to go find some shade, because it was hot, hot, hot out!

We found a picnic table in some shade under a tree. Auntie and Mommy spent their time together yakking about all their crafting projects, so we did some exploring. We found this graffiti on our picnic table. We had lots of questions: Who is Lefty? Is that his real name? How do you get a name like Lefty? How old are Lefty and April? Who is the better writer, Lefty or April, because the heart names and the bigger names sure are different? Will they really be together forever? Why did they want to write on this particular table? Was April born in April? Whew! It is exhausting asking questions you will never get the answers for.

It was hard to say good-bye to Auntie S. when it was time to go home.

When we got home, Michael and Joy laughed at us because we were so sweaty after our day in Waterloo, but we didn’t care. We had fun. We think they were just jealous because we got to go, and they didn’t.

6 thoughts on “Wednesday in Waterloo”

  1. Ah les rencontres!!!! c’est toujours génial de pouvoir se rencontrer en vrai et tellement court….Merci pour ces belles photos ..Bonne soirée… Bisous…Fanfan
    Traduit avec Google : Ah the meetings !!!! it’s always great to be able to meet in real life and so short …. Thank you for these beautiful photos .. Good evening … Kisses … Fanfan

    • It was wonderful to see our Auntie in person! Talking on the telephone or by email is just not as special. We are glad you liked our photos, Auntie F.. It has been a long time since we were able to have an adventure away from home…

      C’était merveilleux de voir notre tante en personne! Parler au téléphone ou par e-mail n’est tout simplement pas aussi spécial. Nous sommes heureux que vous ayez aimé nos photos, Tante F.. Cela faisait longtemps que nous n’avions pas pu vivre une aventure loin de chez nous…

  2. belle petite aventure et si joliment racontée !
    les gâteaux ont l’air… très intéressants….
    en général, les bonbons se trouvent… juste à l’endroit ou on fait la queue pour payer…
    dans votre cas… ça évite les tentations !
    le tissu avec les ballons a du plaire aux garçons !!!

    • We got some Christmas fabrics, too, and some other pretty ones for dresses. Mommy said the footballs would be for a pair of overalls.

      Nous avons aussi des tissus de Noël et d’autres jolis pour les robes. Maman a dit que les ballons seraient pour une salopette.


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