The Bookstore, Finally!

We have been waiting forever to go to the bookstore! It was closed for months and months, and then, when it reopened, the line ups were way too long to wait in. But today, it is 40 degrees in the shade, and Mommy said she needed to get out of the house, so she asked if anyone wanted to go with her to see if we could get into the bookstore. I volunteered right away. I was a big help, too, because I held Mommy’s mask for her while we were driving there.

When we got to the bookstore, we were really surprised! No line up at all – Yay!

We headed straight to the magazine racks, and looked at all the quilting, knitting, crochet and cross stitch magazines. We didn’t end up buying any, but it sure was fun looking at them all.

On our way to look at books, we passed by lots of displays for school things. I found these great baskets. They could hold all kinds of things for us, likes clothes or toys or books. Mommy let me get the pink one for my bedroom, and then she got the green one for all of us to use in the living room, maybe.

We found some great goodies for Christmas gifts for Mommy’s great-niece, but I am not allowed to show them to you here, in case our cousin sees them. After that, we looked at craft books. Mommy was hoping this book would be about using colour well, but it was more about how to knit with stranded knitting, and Mommy can already do that.

We came out of the store with a lovely paper bag full of our goodies. Mommy let me ride in the bag, all the way to the car.

Next year, Mommy and Auntie S. are talking about going to the Sasha Doll Festival in New York. Mommy got a baby to donate to the charity auction at the Festival, and she is going to make baby lots of clothes. When we got home from the bookstore, she worked on the back of a knitted coat set. Next week, if she gets the set finished, she is going to post the pattern here on our adventure blog. I love all the colours in the yarn. Maybe, after baby gets her coat, we will be able to convince Mommy to make it in our size, too!

4 thoughts on “The Bookstore, Finally!”

  1. très mignon, ce bébé Sacha aux cheveux blonds !!
    et le manteau est… alléchant !!! vivement la suite !
    moi aussi, j’irai bien au Sacha Doll Festival !
    mais… on verra ce qu’il en sera l’an prochain…..

    • Thank you, Auntie C.. We are hoping the little coat will turn out well, so Mommy will make us one, too! The baby is very sweet, but she doesn’t talk much yet. We think she might be a bit a shy.

      Merci, tante C.. Nous espérons que le petit manteau se portera bien, alors maman nous en fera un aussi ! Le bébé est très doux, mais elle ne parle pas encore beaucoup. Nous pensons qu’elle est peut-être un peu timide.


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