Ikea Adventures!

Mommy invited Auntie R. to go to Ikea with us to check out cabinets for the new house she is going to make us. We picked Auntie up at her house around ten in the morning, because we all wanted to get to Ikea early enough that we could stay for lunch, too. We took our seatbelt off while we waited for Auntie to come out of her house, but she fooled us. We thought she would take a long time to come out, but she was at the car door lickety-split. We felt silly then for undoing our seatbelt, because we just had to do it back up right away.

It was fun to look at some of the bookshelves on display. Mommy took our picture next to some artwork on this shelf. Auntie was snooping around looking at all the lamps and things like that. She said she had come to buy lots of small things, so we figure that was why she was looking at so much of the stuff that wasn’t furniture.

We really liked these pretty bookshelves, but Mommy said the shelves were too narrow for our house, and besides, she wants us to have glass doors so we don’t have to be cleaning our rooms all the time.

On the way to where the cabinets we wanted to look at were, we saw these cool cabinets with lots of drawers. Mommy says she would like one of the tall ones for all her sewing supplies like thread and trimmings. We liked the grey ones, but Mommy liked the whites one. She said they were “brighter.”

Finally, after looking around for quite awhile, we found the cabinet Mommy had seen online for our house. It comes in two colours, but we like the white one best, because we can see better in it. Can you see us on the shelf? We were trying to hide, but it didn’t work very well!

The floors in this cabinet are extra wide so all our furniture will fit easily, and there are lots of shelves so we can all have a room of our own, if we want. We wanted to order the cabinet right away, but Mommy says we have to wait another month until she has time to clear space for where it will go in our living room.

It is hard to wait, but I guess Mommy is pretty busy. She is still making Auntie E.’s rug, and the wedding gift cross stitch, too. In the meantime, Auntie E. sent us some photographs of our cousin who lives in France with her.

Here is our cousin in her new swimsuit. We love the pretty green crochet thread Auntie E. used to make it.

And, here is our cousin, in her new sunsuit, relaxing in the sand at the beach. Isn’t it a beautiful colour? We hope the stores will start getting new stock soon, now that they are open. We all want some new summery outfits, but there is only grey, white and black yarns in the stores where we live, right now!

P.S.: In case you missed them, you can find the bathing suit pattern here:


and the sunsuit pattern here:


14 thoughts on “Ikea Adventures!”

  1. I love your little doll adventures! How fun going to pick out a cabinet for a doll house. I did something similar for my small dolls. Isn’t it fun creating miniature living spaces? I too enjoy the creative process of making doll rooms nad doll clothes. The tiny swim and play suits are adorable as well! So much doll cuteness in one place.

    • Thank you for your kind words about the blog, and the patterns. It is always great fun to get feedback. Our adventures are small, but so are the kids, so in their eyes, the adventures are huge! We had a look at your blog, too, and it is great fun. We will keep watching for new posts. Your talent for building, as well as your husband’s, is pretty impressive!

  2. We had a great time at IKEA and I spent too much money! But it was fun ! Thanks for asking me to come along!
    Until our next adventure…..stay cool!

  3. quelle idée merveilleuse que cette armoire ! mais moi… je ne vais certainement pas en parler aux cousines d’ici… elles seraient bien capables de m’en demander une !!!
    j’ai hâte de voir votre installation…
    milles baisers à vous !

    • But Auntie C., we know you are already building them a house! And we have seen pictures – it is a beautiful house. We don’t think they will be jealous at all, but it is okay if they are. We are a little jealous of their beautiful house, too!

      Mais tante C., nous savons que vous leur construisez déjà une maison ! Et nous avons vu des photos – c’est une belle maison. Nous ne pensons pas qu’ils seront jaloux du tout, mais ce n’est pas grave s’ils le sont. Nous sommes aussi un peu jaloux de leur belle maison !

  4. Hi girls,
    I see you still agree to hang out in the stores.
    Like your mom, I really like IKEA for its sober and beautiful furniture. A few years ago, I also liked going there before noon to eat their good meatballs.
    Your future house is going to be spacious, but it will take ladders to go to each other, hihihihi! Yes, yes, I see you, you haven’t found the right hiding place!
    I see you put on your beautiful dresses to go for a walk.
    The rug your mom makes for Aunt E is going to be beautiful, it will look great in front of the fireplace. What patience !!!
    Good week. Kisses.

    • We had meatballs, too! The restaurant was only serving two kinds of meals because of Covid, but we wanted the meatballs anyway so that was okay. Mommy bought a pear juice that she also let us have a bit of, and it was delicious. We asked Mommy about ladders, but she said not to worry, she would figure something out…Have a good week, too.

      Nous avons eu des boulettes de viande aussi! Le restaurant ne servait que deux types de repas à cause de Covid, mais nous voulions quand même les boulettes de viande, donc ça allait. Maman a acheté un jus de poire qu’elle nous a aussi offert un peu, et c’était délicieux. Nous avons interrogé maman sur les échelles, mais elle a dit de ne pas s’inquiéter, elle trouverait une solution… Bonne semaine aussi.

  5. Ma petite Katy est partie en vacances chez Grand-Mamie qui est fière de montrer à ses amies les vêtements que je lui ai confectionné. Heureusement qu’elles ne vont pas aller au bord de la mer car je n’ai pas eu le temps de lui crocheter ces deux jolies tenues.
    Très bonne idée pour le choix du meuble, les tablettes sont réglables en hauteur ? je recherche également ce type de meuble pour y exposer toutes mes filles dont les plus grandes font 48 cm. Et suite à une série d’article sur mon blog, je sais qu’elles sont à ce jour au nombre de 30 ! Il en faut de la place !
    Bises et à bientôt pour la suite !

    • The cabinet is called REGISSÖR, and the shelves did look adjustable. There was lots of room inside for all of us, and Mommy says we may have to share a few shelves with some of our bigger sisters and brothers, too. It will be really exciting when we get to move in. Katie is lucky to go visiting – we can’t really travel here yet, because of Covid, but soon we will see our Auntie S. in a town a little bit from here. Things are just beginning to open up, and we are excited because we have not seen our Auntie for a year! Have a fun week.

      L’armoire s’appelle REGISSÖR et les étagères semblaient réglables. Il y avait beaucoup de place à l’intérieur pour nous tous, et maman dit que nous devrons peut-être aussi partager quelques étagères avec certains de nos grands frères et sœurs. Ce sera vraiment excitant quand nous emménagerons. Katie a de la chance d’aller visiter – nous ne pouvons pas encore vraiment voyager ici, à cause de Covid, mais bientôt nous verrons notre tante S. dans une ville un peu d’ici. Les choses commencent tout juste à s’ouvrir, et nous sommes ravis car nous n’avons pas vu notre tante depuis un an ! Passez une bonne semaine.

  6. Bravo!! j’ai beaucoup aimé cette recherche d’armoire à Ikéa, il est vrai que dans ces magasins il y a tellement de belles choses qu’il vaut mieux partir avec une iodée bien arrêtée….Tes poupettes sont fort jolies et j’aime la photo sur l’étagère à côté du cadre enfantin le dessinateur a beaucoup de talent…Pour ce qui est de la poupette de tante E, je la connais bien enfin la tante E pas la poupette avec le covid cela fait un moment que nous ne nous sommes vues en vrai……Allez…Bonne journée….Bisous …Fanfan
    traduit avec Google : Well done!! I really liked this search for a cupboard in Ikea, it is true that in these stores there are so many beautiful things that it is better to leave with a well-stopped iodine …. Your dolls are very pretty and I like the photo on the shelf next to the childish frame the designer has a lot of talent … As for Aunt E’s baby doll, I know her well finally aunt E not the baby doll with the covid it’s been a while that we did not see each other in real life …… Come on … Have a nice day …. Kisses … Fanfan

    • Oh, we got lots of ideas when we were there! We even looked at some furniture that was our size, but there weren’t any sets in stock, so we couldn’t get some. Thank you for saying we are pretty! Michael laughed when we read him that, but you know boys, they think they are so smart…We are very tired of Covid. It is sad when we can not see our friends. We hope you will get to see Auntie E. and our cousin soon. Kisses to you, too.

      Oh, on a eu plein d’idées quand on y était ! Nous avons même examiné des meubles de notre taille, mais il n’y avait pas d’ensembles en stock, nous n’avons donc pas pu en obtenir. Merci de dire que nous sommes jolies ! Michael a ri quand nous lui avons lu ça, mais vous savez les garçons, ils pensent qu’ils sont si intelligents… Nous sommes très fatigués de Covid. C’est triste quand on ne peut pas voir nos amis. Nous espérons que vous pourrez bientôt voir tante E. et notre cousine. Bisous à vous aussi.

  7. Thank you for the bathing suit and sunsuit patterns.
    The girls are going to have a spacious home and I agree: doors are a must! I will be looking forward to seeing the girls moving in!

    • We are really excited now that we have seen what our new home will look like! It is hard to wait, but Mommy says waiting will just make the move even more special when it happens. We like the doors, too. Mommy explained about having to dust all the time, otherwise, and we sure don’t want to have to do that! Have a great week.


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